10 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android & iOS

 10 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android & iOS - Appspodcast

These days everybody is pretty cautious about his or her figure. However, people are trying every possible way to maintain their figure in shape and lose their weight. The best way to acquire an ideal figure is to count the calorie and much important thing is to check exact amount of calories you burn. You have to use a calorie-free diet for losing weight effectively without any side-effect like the medicines for losing weight.

Technology assists a lot to keep track of your calories and in achieving the goal of lose weight. Calorie counter apps are really helpful to count the calorie of your diet easily. Probably, the below list of best calorie apps is helpful for getting the right one as a nutrition diary at hand. Appspodcast team has collected the best free calorie counter apps after spending a huge time.

Best Calorie Counter Apps

My FitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal - Appspodcast

My FitnessPal is the best calorie counting app that is up dated regularly to make it better. The developers of this app has introduced up to 6 million product names. This best calorie counter app offers to create own exercises and add personal statistics of cardio and strength. Moreover, you synchronize your progress with website and even you can control it from both a computer and a phone. The more beneficial features are in a paid version of this app. Try now for getting better figure!


Calorie Counter by FatSecret - Appspodcast

Are you looking for a free calorie counting app? Then Fatsecret is the app that you are looking for. It is different from other best calorie counter apps because it is an exclusive free app without premium accounts, subscriptions, and ads. Despite this, the registration with the app takes you to its community where the app usersshare their recipes and views. It is a simple app with a pleasant, concise, and informative interface. Try this handy best calorie counter app to calculate your daily calorie.


Lifesum - Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary - Appspodcast

Lifesum is another best calorie counter app that remembers the diet you have eaten and helps you to control it easily. Every app has some special features and the Lifesum app also has the obvious advantage. There is no strict diet;it puts you on a simple diet that you use usually and easily like meat, fish, and desserts. This app not only stops you from eating much but also reminds your daily weighing, food, and water consumption. Although it is a free calorie counter app, for getting access to extra information you need to buy a premium account.

Technutri – Calorie Counter, Diet, And Carb Tracker

Technutri - calorie counter, diet and carb tracker - Appspodcast

In this list of the top free calorie counter apps, Technutri – Calorie Counter, Diet, and Carb Tracker is another brilliant app. This app is a pictorial diary and easy to use, it also consists of all the basic functions. However, you can create your own favorites list by adding the products of your choice. You can add products,whereas you are limited to add your own recipes and ingredients.Even it contains a ready made product table full of macros. Best free calorie counter app selects a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet

Fitatu Calorie Counter - Free Weight Loss Tracker - Appspodcast

Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet is great and popular among the users who appreciate its straightforward calorie counting. This is the program that contains all the basic functions of a food diary. You can get useful information about glycemic index, cholesterol, salts, trans-fats, and fatty acids in foods. This calorie counter app advises you about products and their storage from a regular updating database. Moreover, you will find different fitness programs for burning yourcalories.

Calorie Counter +

Calorie Counter + - Appspodcast

Calorie Counter + is a full-featured app that helps you to count the calorie and tracks nutrition, activities, goals, and progress. It is a simple and useful calorie counter app with the functions to keep a food diary. Calorie Counter + is such a good program that you can use confidently for your calorie count. However, you don’t require the internet to use this app. importantly, it contains all the necessary functions; you will get a ready-made set of products. Moreover, they contain calculated macros and make it your fitness partner.

East Fit

Calorie Counter - EasyFit free - Appspodcast

Stop worrying about your fitness, Easy Fit is here that is well designed who love the bright interface and animated design of programs. Not only this calorie counter app helps you to count calorie for maintaining your fitness but also is unmatched. Furthermore, the developers designed this app from the creative point of view with a table of visual products and macros. The 24 colors of pleasant designs are easy to choose from and work properly. It makes calorie counting a pleasure as well as fun.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! For Diet and Weight Loss

Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss - Appspodcast

Besides, the easy access to all functions, this program also offers you a variety of weight loss statistics. It is a so designed for calorie counting of diet and weight loss wit universal system of meal and workout reminders. Although this calorie counter app doesn’t require the internet to work and the mechanism of adding recipes make it more interesting. The calorie counter by Lose It! For Diet and Weight Loss calculate right meal at right time. Try it for enjoying its beneficial fitness features.


dialife - Appspodcast

Often people start using weight losing apps but they even lose their health. Dialife is the program that not only helps you lose weight but also manages your health. Although this app consists of a small range of prepared dishes but they contain the necessary diet components. DiaLife loves you and your loving ones; it provides twelve sections such as home affairs, sports, childcare, leisure, etc. manage your fitness with this interesting app.

8 Fit

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner - Appspodcast

8 Fit is the app that undertakes the caloric proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. However, it is completely a free app with a responsive interface. Here, in this app you will find dishes from popular restaurant chains. It helps you to maintain your diet as well as counts your calories. It also guides you to control the amount of sugar, fiber, sodium, and cholesterol. Certainly, it contains a nutrition diary, a list of exercises, many training plans. With this app, you can create your personal menu and even you get new recipes daily or weekly.

All the calorie counter apps in this list are best and handy to use on android and iOS. Having an app out of this list, means to have a nutrition diary at hand. They remind you the time of your exercise and tell you what to eat. On the other hand, they help you to add food easily into your menu. Some of them don’t require the internet to work, it is, therefore, we find them best calorie counter.

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