10 Best Weather Apps for Android Users

10 Best Weather Apps for Android Users - Appspodcast

In modern day world, we are available with the best meteorological equipment to know weather forecast. Thus it is regular features of all news channels in print an electronic media. With the advancement of digital technology, we have now access to a number of best weather app to be easily downloaded and run on our Android devices.

Best weather app for android has facilitated all devices owners to be updated all the time on the upcoming changes in weather. This also makes it far easier to plan outside trips, attend meetings and commute to workplaces. Appspodcast brings you a range of reliable weather apps collection for your Android device and save your precious time in searching for them by yourself. Now you can plan your travel according the upcoming weather condition with the assistance of these best weather apps.

List of Best Weather Apps for Android Users


1Weather Weather Forecast, Widget, Alerts & Radar - Appspodcast

1Weather functions both as an app and a widget. It features the simplest features and doesn’t occupy much space on your device’s memory. However, it furnishes you with all the essential weather forecast information. It provides you updates every hour, turning on GPS. You can have weather information of any place simply by putting the location in the search bar. 1Weather is capable of providing information of weather situation 10 days ahead. The app is connected 25 radars that cover the weather of the entire planet. Thus it notes the weather changes most accurately.

The Weather Channel

Weather Radar & Live Widget The Weather Channel - Appspodcast

The Weather Channel is capable of providing you all essential weather information which you need to follow your daily activities. The simple and glossier interface of this smart app displays forecasts of every day along with forecasts of ski resorts near you. The app takes its data from one of the most reliable sources for weather information. With all these impressive features, the Weather Channel has one drawback. You have plenty of ads using this app and they can’t be stopped using an adblocker.


AccuWeather Weather alerts & live forecast info - Appspodcast

AccuWeather is packed with options to help you know weather updates regularly. It also displays weather maps, graphs and radars to give you complete and accurate weather picture. The most adorable feature of this application is its capability of providing you with RealFeel index of weather. It means you can get to know how the weather outside your home feels like. This important information can help you get ready to face particularly the extreme weather, if you are living in an area of severe climate.


Overdrop - Weather Widget & Weather Radar - Appspodcast

Overdrop is best suited to those people who want a constant weather update. This unique app renews its data after every 30 minutes. If you are on a trip to hilly areas far away from home or travelling to a distant place, this app can help you a lot. The information on this app is always precise and accurate. On this application, you can also get weather update 7 days ahead. The other impressive features of this app include an intuitively designed and user-friendly interface. This app can also be used as a widget.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather - Appspodcast

This app also offers you a reliable source of information on weather. Yahoo Weather is one of the most celebrated and widely used weather applications. This app updates weather reports every hour. The information on this app is collected from very reliable and authentic sources; hence, there is almost no chance of error. Yahoo Weather also lets you know precipitation level, wind pressure, snow and rain in simple to understand weather maps, graphs and animations.

Weather Radar and Alerts

NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts – Clime - Appspodcast

Weather Radar and Alerts is a specialized app that designed especially for people living in areas where climate is severe. The applications resources weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Thus the authenticity of its information is beyond question. You have all the time updates on all types of extreme weather situations like storms, cyclones, tornadoes, rains etc. The app also displays real-time weather maps obtained from satellites.

NOAA Weather Unofficial

NOAA Weather Unofficial - Appspodcast

NOAA Weather Unofficial can delight those who have deep interest in meteorological reports. The application provides graphic reports on weather of the whole world while it also displays weather forecasts of your area every hour. You have detailed information on air pressure, humidity level, wind speed etc. NOAA Weather may not delight people who want simple weather information without much detail.

Weather Underground

Weather data & microclimate Weather Underground - Appspodcast

The weather information on this fine app comes from sources that gather it from 33,000 weather stations. This is enough to prove the precision and accuracy of its reports. This great sourcing also makes this application a must-have for all Android devices. Weather Underground also offers you to customize its features and adjust them according your requirements. This app also allows you to join with weather enthusiasts all over the world and share information of your local area and know theirs.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather - Appspodcast

The name of this application is enough to tell you that it has something hilarious and funny to make you happy along with imparting you weather forecast. This intelligent app can also provide you weather history of an area years ago. The app also surprises you by getting more and more personalized with your repeated use of it. It brings to you weather information of your interest such as weather forecast of locations that interest you the most.

Appy Weather

Appy Weather Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather - Appspodcast

The last weather app on this list brings something amazing to delight you along with providing weather forecast information. If you have this application on your Android device, you will have personalized weather reports, adorned with emojis and funny messages. This is meant to improve our mood and make you ready to face the weather if it is extremely hot or cold outside. Appy Weather application boasts an interactive and user-friendly interface which displays sunrise, sunset, temperature and lots more.

In our lives weather forecasts are essential to know. They are actually the part of modern lifestyle. The best weather apps here are meant to provide you with accurate, reliable and prompt weather forecasts on your Android cellphone. There are several inspiring features of these weather apps which make them the best options in Playstore. The higher number of downloads on these apps provide the best evidence on their functionality and usefulness.

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