Top 10 Age My Face Apps for Android & iOS

Top 10 Age My Face Apps for Android & iOS 2021 - Appspodcast

How do I look? This is the most common phrase which every one of us repeats many times in life. But it is usually spoken when we clad in fine clothes, wear a particular hairstyle or adopt a special pose. Now there is something more astonishing – how do I look in old age? It is always a fun to see look of your old age.
Dozens of companies has developed age my face apps and many are in process. So Play store has big collection of age my face apps that make your face as it will look in elderly years. Isn’t surprising? Appspodcast share with you reliable and best & this collection offers you a number such awesome apps that age your face and can show you what changes are expected in your appearance in your grey years.

Top 10 Age My Face Apps for Android & iOS 2021

We have collected the best age my face apps after a struggle and these age my face apps transform your appearance from young to old. Most of android apps also enable you to share things with other on social media platforms.


AgingBooth - Appspodcast

AgingBooth is a fine entertaining app that can age any face instantly. Loaded with the best facial recognition algorithm, it is offers you clear images with full HD resolution. To run this app, you need not internet connection. This application also allows you to make changes on a face. Change eye color or adjust mouth and chin curves as per your likeness. Once you finalize your editing, the app requires a few seconds to adjust all changes made by you.


FaceApp - Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App - Appspodcast

FaceApp is innovative, fast and full of options that can easily change a face with a few clicks only. It provides you with a range of editing options to unleash your creativity. You can add smile to a face, make its looks older or younger, so much so you this app allows you to change gender. It also boasts options to change facial expressions. Get stunningly hilarious images of yours as well as of our family or friends and make them laugh. FaceApp comes with a range of filters to support you to get excellent selfie results.


Oldify - Appspodcast

Oldify brings you a range of photos editing stunning features and helps you change your photos as you like. This application provides you results in few seconds only. On this app, aging your face is quite easy. You can turn your image back in years or see what you would look like in advance years in 80s and even in 100. Oldify also allows sharing images on social media and websites. This smart app also provides you the opportunity to turn images into animations and enjoy unlimited fun time.

Face Reading

Face Reading DIY - Appspodcast

Face Reading is probably the most interesting application on this remarkable collection of Age My Face Apps for Android & iOS. Along with aging your face with this Age Camera feature, it works like a complete book of physiognomy. Your eyes, nose, chin, jaws, forehead and facial curves tell something special about your temperament, attitude and overall personality. Face Reading helps you know all this and also about your loved ones. Each feature of this app is cool and inspiring.

Face Aging – Make Your Face Old

Face Aging - Make Your Face Old - Appspodcast

Want to guess how will you look like in old age? This smart application can show your looks in 60, 80, and 100 and beyond that too. There are many other adorable features on this app that will make your its fan. Face Aging has a host of filters and stickers to adorn faces and make your photos hilarious. It provides you the best pastime and enjoy with friends giving them surprise with their old age images.


HiddenM‪e - AppspodcastHave you started feeling aging effects on your face? If no, try this wonderful entertainment app that can show you how coming years can affect your face and change your features. It simple and convenient interface contains a full range of options. You can know how you will look like after 10, 20, and 30 years. This application can also tell you how your unborn baby will look like. There is also an option to change your gender.

What Will I Look Like Old Face

What Will I Look Like Old Fac‪e - Appspodcast

This app’s name is enough to tell about it. It is loaded with smart features and many interesting options. You can see your face in various age levels up to 99 years old! The grim and stern may shock you but remember it is just a game! Try it on all photos of your close friends, colleagues and relatives and see how the whole company will appear in 70s, 80s and even in 100.

Make me Old Camera

Make Me Old Camera Age Face - Appspodcast

This is a specially curated application that is meant exclusively to show to you your face in advanced years. This application comes with a face changing algorithm that allows remarkable pranks to users and provides them with real fun time. This app also offers an extensive range of stickers and old face filters too to be used on faces and make them funny. Its interface is loaded with simple functions; no mastery is required to age faces.

Age Face – Make me OLD

Age Face - Make me OLD - Appspodcast

Age Face is another fantastic choice to those who want to know how they would appear in old age. Guess also the faces of your dear and loved ones, your heroes and your intimate friends. All operations on this app are very simple and are user-friendly. Just select a photo and place the face in the app. Just click “make me old” and the result is before you. Age Face provides you realistic results – may it me shocking for you!

Make Me Old Photo Montage Editor

Make Me Old Face Photo Montag‪e - Appspodcast

This intuitive app has 3.0 ratings on App Store that is the best evidence on its excellent functionality. You can guess what changes might happen on your face when you get old. This app features a special camera effect that can turn your face years older than your original look within no time. There is a range of stickers and special effects that you can use on images to make them more attractive and funny.

Age My Face Apps for Android & iOS collection is primarily meant to fill your time with fun and amusement. By using these apps you can also make your friends and family members smile on your creations. Some of these narrated by appspod, have remarkable face editing features to support your creative knack and allow you to develop appealing photos of your own and of your friends.

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