10 Top Voice changer apps for Android

10 Top Voice changer apps for Android - Appspodcast

Voice changer apps are mobile apps and fun, and people use them to change voice with effects on their audio files. However, the word voice changer refers to a machine that transitions the tone and pitch of your voice. It even adds distortion to your agent and is comfortable in use and creates funny effects to your voice. You can alter your voice and can prank with your family members or friends. You can easily adjust the comical effects setting on your device and change you voice into a beautiful women voice.

Top Voice changer apps for Android

Here are the top voice changer apps choose after great research by our data experts of appspodcast, that enable you to record effects and also share and connect with others as well.

Translator Women’s Voice


Translator Women’s Voice is a beautiful voice translator app that you share with your friends on Whatsapp. It generates very fast, such a best and funny text to a different voice that is fun. It has no limit to translate any text and voice (both male and female) for you. You can text for books, textbooks, articles, and news for your speech. Moreover, the translated text to audio, you can share with your family and friends.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer - Appspodcast

Voice changer is the best app for changing your voice into the audio by applying unique and stunning effects. Just simply open audio and generate fantastic and funny effects to it to make wonder and amuse your friends. You can various social media platforms to share your changed audios. Use this app today to change a lot of different effects to your voices from a huge list of multiple effects.

Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer - Appspodcast

You can record and change your voice through the best voice changer app. background sound can also be changed to make it sound that you are on a plane. Even you can make slow, fast, or super fast the speed of the speech. You have a list of various voices to choose from and a voice effect to apply. However, all these functions are so easy and simple to use with an option of saving that voice or can play instantly.

Voice Changer

voice changer - Appspodcast

There are many voice changer apps available and this is one of them. It is fast, comfortable, and quite easy to run and control the option. Here you can apply effects to the recorded audio or just simply open audio. See your saved audio and also edit that saved one. It offers recording and changing voice directly and a smart microphone for karaoke. Its lossless quality audios are excellent and have a great list of audio effects that you like. Share them on any other social media platform.

Change My Voice

Change My Voice - Appspodcast

“Change my voice” is a highly powerful voice changer among the other available voice changers in the app store. Here simply and easily record yourself and after that change the recorded voice with wonderful effects. Even though there more options than other may not have, it make you change your voice during a phone call. Try this app to enjoy and fun, this app is also supported by ads, don’t be late.

Super Voice Editor – Effect for Changer, Recorder

Super Voice Editor - Effect for Changer, Recorder - Appspodcast

Super Voice Editor is a good kind for the effects changer and recorder with super quality. Its audio recorder helps you to record any voice any where possible for you. It is not a limited one, cut any voice or any audio with MP3 Cutter and you edit different kinds of music to a separate format. It also helps you to DIY your own ringtone competently. The voice changer contains a huge list of voice changer effects. Create a funny voice change in the messenger voice changer option to send to your friends.

VoiceFX – Voice Changer with Voice Effects

VoiceFX - Voice Changer with voice effects - Appspodcast

VoiceFX is a very cool and powerful voice changer app that is easy in use as well. In this app you can transform your audio and music by adding many wonderful audio effects. The transformed voices also help you to hear people talking live and offer you a live playback option. Record voice and change with effects of your choice, save and share the voice as an MP3, and load music or any other audio files with the effects of voice changer. Try the available voice changer effects to enjoy and fun.

Voice Changer – Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder

Voice Changer -Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder - Appspodcast

If you want to enjoy the fun game of changing you voice of a super hero, Super Voice Changer is the best one. It has many super voice effects to edit and record for you to change your voice into your favorite superhero. This is the app that has unique 20 popular characters voice effects. It also has voice recorder with voice effects, voice disguiser, and save audio you recorded and share it to friends to surprise them.

MagicCall – Voice Changer App

MagicCall – Voice Changer App - Appspodcast

MagicCall is the app to change your voice from male to female, female to male, or can talk like a cartoon. It also has an option for a normal voice call or use different modes to call for fun. MagicCall app contains the following magic features to enjoy real-time voice changer on call. You can switch the voice during the call and even test your voice when you are going to make call. You will get free credits when you register yourself first time and have the cheapest way to make a call to fun.

Voice Changer Sound Effects

Top Voice changer apps for Android - Appspodcast

Voice changer Sound Effects is the app that has amazing effects that a voice changer app must have. They are normal, helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, chipmunk, monster, alien, big sound, small sound, and bee and death etc. it also allows you to custom sound with various effects of echo, reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, and treble. You can directly record and change the voice, or import sound, save it, and share to your friends with lossless quality.

This list of tremendous voice changer apps is beneficial for you to choose the right one for you. They have all the essentials that are required these days. Select the one to make fun with your loving ones by sharing awesome recorded voices edited with different effects. You have access to reliable apps collected by the team of apps podcast and Download a right one for you.

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