Best Thermometer Apps for Android

Best Thermometer Apps for Android - Appspodcast

Everyone is familiar with the Thermometer due to its usage. Thermometer is categorized as digital, mecury-based and infrared. When everything is getting digitized and laden with internet, then why not Thermometers? The intuitively curated Thermometer Apps for Android come with amazing features to help you know temperature, humidity level and air pressure of a place instantly as well as accurately. They provide you results both in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

Best Thermometer Apps for Android

Best Thermometer Apps for Android are also impressive for their state of the art alluring designs to give a touch of exclusiveness to your phone screen. Here is the best thermometer apps collected with extensive research by our data team of Appspodcast.


Thermometer++ - Appspodcast

Thermometer++ is an excellent temperature measurement app. The functionality of this app is testified with its over 10,000,000 downloads! It ensures you the reliable, fast and accurate results; hence, it stands as the first priority of a significant majority of people around the world. With this app, you can know indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, as well as air pressure wherever you are. Thermometer++ is also helpful for knowing weather data around you.

Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer - Appspodcast

This Thermometer app is an instant default way to know the temperature. It features the best temperature sensors that enable you to monitor temperature inside your home as you get closer. Smart thermometer doesn’t require the internet connection to give you results; however, if you turn on the internet, it can work with the Android devices that don’t have integrated temperature sensors. This app boasts an impressive design and has got appreciation from its users for the accurate results.

Thermometer Free

Thermometer Free - Appspodcast

This app is capable of delivering to you exact and trustworthy information on indoor and outdoor temperature. To enjoy all the features of this app, you need to ensure network connection as well as location services on this app and get the current weather updates from the internet sources. This thermometer app is workable with devices with and without sensors. The most adorable feature of this wonderful app is that it provides you with temperature overview of coming seven days and set your programs in this backdrop.


Thermometer - Appspodcast

Thermometer is capable of recording both inside and outside temperatures with the help of ambient sensors. This app requires you to turn it on right after you wake up. The app takes one hour to update information on the current weather and provide you the exact results, getting information from the local meteorological station. Contrary to all apps on this list, this is the only app that boasts an animated weather background option.

Thermometer for room

Thermometer for room - Appspodcast

This app is especially meant to measure room temperature and maintain it with appliances accordingly. It functions with ambient temperature sensors that the latest versions of Android devices are already loaded with. The app displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees for your convenience.This app makes your mobility easier from your room to outside knowing the exact weather update and saving yourself from unbearable temperatures.

Thermometer – Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature app

Thermometer - Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature app - Appspodcast

This app for Android keeps you thoroughly updated on temperature, pressure and humidity level of the places where you are or planning to move to. This information will certainly be valuable if you suspect rapid changes in weather of a place and get ready to face it. This app also works as a hygrometer and help you decide to turn on the humidifier. This smart app also features barometer to entice those who love hiking, fishing and climbing.


iThermonitor - Appspodcast

The presenter claims it to be the most updated thermometer app, ever presented in the Playstore. It boasts an enticing interface that is capable of delivering to you the most reliable information on temperature. The app is also helpful to check body temperature and further links you with multiple iThermonitor sensors to get more details and exact results. iThermonitor also gives you temperature alerts if it rises to higher degrees. It keeps you informed on weather 24/7 and updates its data every 4 seconds. The app also maintains temperature chart for you to monitor fluctuations.

Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer - Appspodcast

If you downloaded this classic app on your Android device, you need not to go outdoors to check temperature. In the cozy environment of your room, you can have all the information you want. This app displays information in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. If your device doesn’t have temperature sensor even then you can know the temperature, just by leaving the device turning on standby mode. This app gets information from the reliable internet sources. Real thermometer is the best source to get real information and make outdoor plans accordingly and dress up perfectly before going outside.

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer - Appspodcast

There are multiple useful features of this smart thermometer. It is not supportive to track temperature rise and fall in your area, it is equally useful to know fever and ensure treatment in time. With this unique app you can develop the health profile of all of your family members. The app allows you to put dates, times and even locations to you temperature charts and maintain a full medical record of an individual.

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature - Appspodcast

This intelligent app is useful to be updated on indoor as well as outdoor temperature. This app provides you temperature in three different scales that are Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit(°F) and Kelvin (°K).It boasts multiple features let you know accurate results within no time. This app also features Hygrometer to know the level of humidity. With all these alluring features, it is still quite easy to use and quick to provide results.

The above set of apps can easily be counted among those useful apps that are the need of all Android devices users. They keep you updated on temperature, weather and humidity percentage in your area and even the body temperature. If you go online, most of these apps are also useful to take weather and temperature information through GPS positioning. Their utility makes them ideal for so many people around the world and one should not be an exception.

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