Best Free watermark remover apps for Android & iOS

Best Free watermark remover apps for Android & iOS - Appspodcast

Sometimes the photos you download from the internet have watermarks on them. The purpose of using watermark on photos is to protect the actual identity, originality of sources and stop the re-usability by others. It is considered the most suitable and popular way to protect your assets on web. If you want to reuse these photos, then you have to remove watermark first to remove the identity of others, however most of the people can’t do it.

It could be challenging task for you to reuse the other image, while it is protected with watermark. Watermark removing is an easy task with android water remover apps. You can easily remove the watermark without affecting the original image. So you can remove the date, name, other details with some few clicks.

Watermark remove apps

Appspdpocast team has bring awesome collection of best watermark remover apps for Android & iOS makes this job extremely easier for you. With the help of few clicks only can get a photo, logo or videos of your choice clear of all types of watermarks, stamps and other similar elements.

Remove Unwanted Object

Remove Unwanted Object - Appspodcast

The interface of this unique app introduces you to easy and fantastic tools to make a photo clear of all types of marks from it. The entire operation of removing watermarks and processing graphic images is quiet easy. Just select an image, click “Add image” function, and go to the settings and select “marker” tool and paint the watermark. Now click the “Object deletion mode” and get rid of the watermark you have already selected with paint. You have clean and clear image which can also be shared with people on social media platforms or via email.


PicLab - Photo Editor - Appspodcast

PicLab is another fine option to get images clear of watermarks and other unwanted graphic details. This app is also supportive to get rid of marks of scratches, dust and specs that distort an image and restore it to its original grace. With the help of PicLab, you can renew the old photos. To begin with the editing, the app requires an image with watermark. Click the “open” tool that is given on the top on the interface, select the “marker” tool, found in the left corner. Paint the watermark with this tool and begin deleting using the “erase” tool.

Background Eraser: superimpose

Background Eraser - Appspodcast

This application is packed with innovative editing options along with removing the watermarks and similar graphic details. With the help of this fine app, you can easily change the format of image files, change their backgrounds and apply a number of effects on images. Its interface displays all the tools to proceed editing without any hassle. Begin with “Open” section of the menu and start erasing the watermarks. You have a special spot repair brush to remove dots, marks and creases from an image. Background Eraser: superimpose also supports you to work with 3D images.

Fotogenic: Photo Editor

Fotogenic Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor - Appspodcast

The Fotogenic: Photo Editor apphas an extensive fan group in the world for its ingenious tools and easy operations. It allows you to create stunningly real images shorn of all marks and give them realistic and creative appeal. You have a variety of tools on its interface to erase watermarks, stamps, creases and dusts marks from your photos. With this application you can also select any part of an images and paste it on a different location. Each tool on this app has lots of amazing options for you to explore.

Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch- Object Removal - Appspodcast

This fine app is another option for you to develop images as per your choice, clearing them of all undesirable details. Use the button “upload image” to start with your editing. Paint the marks you want to remove and click “Erase” button to get the image clear of the watermark. The marker brush of this app allows you adjust the pixels on the parts of the image and create a symmetry. This is the most innovative feature of this app which you can hardly find in other apps.

ToolWiz Photos

Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor - Appspodcast

The ToolWiz Photos is meant to erase static inscriptions from videos and get perfect results of your choice. Despite its inspiring features, this application is simple to use and features only a few tools to do editing. You can use this app to erase watermarks from videos with great convenience whether you have already any experience of editing videos or not. There are only two major tools “Add file” and “Marker” to highlight the watermarks and erase the select area. With the same facility, you can also remove logos.


AirBrush Easy Photo Editor - Appspodcast

Having this application on your Android or iOS, you get erase logos and watermarks from video without any hassle. This app boasts an ingenious algorithm that facilitates easy to use editing options. You can erase subtitles, watermarks as well as static objects just with the help of a few clicks. There are an extensive range of tools to allow you add visual effects to videos and change video formats. Yet there is still more to astonish you. AirBrush is also supportive to import and export audio streams to your selected videos with perfect results.

eZy Watermark Photo – Lite

eZy Watermark Photos Free - Appspodcast

The eZy Watermark Photo comes with similar user-friendly options remove watermarks, date, link, logo or any other mark from photos. The wonderful tools of this app do not leave any trace of removal. Along with the “marker” tool, you have also “stamp” tool to make adjustments on the photo after removing the watermark and make results more perfect. The “Magic Brush” tool of this app help you select the unnecessary elements you want to erase.

Watermark Photo – Add Watermark & Watermark Maker

Watermark Photo - Add Watermark & Watermark Maker - Appspodcast

Watermark Photo features an extensive range of watermark removing tools. This app is supportive to adjust the size of the marker to select the watermark, hence you can conveniently remove even the smallest details. Click the “start” tool on the interface and it will instantly erase your selection. The app contains an innovative tool named as the magic wand. It is meant to edit colors on the image and erase complex graphic details. Similarly, you have many other amazing tools such as Lasso, Rectangular lasso and auxiliary lines to support your creativity and create wonderful inspiring photos.

iWatermark Free Add Watermark Text Logo Pic TM

iWatermark Free Add Watermark Text Logo Pic TM - Appspodcast

iWatermark is free app to get rid of watermarks from all images and create photos and logos from all types of unwanted graphic details. Being full of so many editing tools, it is equally helpful for novices and the pro. The app is also supportive to edit videos and remove watermarks from them. Every tool on this app is interactive and simple to use that make it favorite with a number of people. Start your editing work by using the “Add files” button on the interface and then select “marker” to pinpoint the marks you want to remove. For more perfection, zoom the image and select carefully the marks to delete.

These fine watermark remover apps provide the best user-friendly tools to remove every watermark on your selected photos. They turn your Android and iOS devices into a perfect editor to make it enormously easier for you get clear photos and videos which seem otherwise very difficult. You can use these watermark remover apps without requiring nay assistance. Most of these apps have also editing tools to clear the skin, specs and dust marks on the images.

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