Privacy is a fundamental right. It is one of the hottest topics of this digital era where people are exchanging vast quantities of personal information online consciously and even unknowingly. Regulating privacy is a challenge, with new websites appearing every day and users worldwide where data protection regulations differ between countries. As an owner of the domain (or smartphone application), you have to contribute with a comprehensive and readily readable privacy policy.

What is a privacy policy?

A Privacy Policy is a website manual that describes how a website’s sensitive information obtained by visitors is collected, stored, protected, and used. Based upon the law, the precise description of personal data shall vary. In addition to describing how the firm uses details, it also explains how it fulfills its legal obligations and how data sharing can pursue redress if it does not meet those obligations.

Why you need a privacy policy for apps?

For users, the protection of data is becoming more and more relevant. You need to know some essential things about the Privacy Policies if your company is creating a smartphone app. Before the Facebook scandal, only a couple of software developers were worried about consumers’ privacy rights.

After all, what data can a quick software download have extracted? In conjunction with another category of data that may lead to user identification, anonymous data can also be categorized as “personally identifiable information.” Whether you want to use this information in-house or share the data externally, whether you are collecting some sensitive or identifiable data, you need the app’s privacy policies.

Our privacy policy:

The has committed to its users that it will respect their privacy rights. We have created this Privacy Policy to give our users confidence to use our website without misperceptions. Our privacy policy is clear, and it throws light on the types of information we gather regarding you and that their privacy rights will be protected while they visit It would be best if you read this Privacy Policy attentively. Through accessing and using our website, you consent that this Privacy Policy covers your use of our Site and other segments about privacy. We shall ensure that this information is up-to-the-minute and correct; we shall not expressly or indirectly convey or guarantee that this information, services, or the relevant graphics found within the website are complete, accurate, reliable, or accessible, or that it is available for all purposes on that website; consequently, any dependence you put on such knowledge is at your own risk.

It is the need of the modern-day that we all need to translate text and written pictures. Often, it’s hard to enter words in any harsh language in these translator image applications. The hieroglyphs of that particular language must be known to you. Every language cannot be grasped or learned, so easy translation of picture apps is needed. In reality, android image translators allow you, like others in Android applications such as speech recognition, to translate from the image in few seconds. Privacy policy terms and conditions: We don’t collect any personal information: When you add an RSS feed in the app manually, which you would not like to share in the app database, be sure to pick the check box ‘PRIVATE.’

Ads: No personal information such as location, addresses, SMS, etc., is accessed in the app so that the ad networks cannot access that information. However, you might devise the place based on your IP address. What kind of information we collect: During the online registration and online purchase, this site gatherSitersonal identification information from our members. Our servers recognize the domain names and addresses of travelers immediately. During this procedure, no sensitive information is disclosed to you.

How We Use Information: Without your permission, we will not share your details with any other party except to deliver the services we provide or to enforce the legislation.

How We Store Information: You can only access the information by helping people handle the lists so that people who want to get newsletters of this Site.

Cookies: To distinguish which pages being used, we use cookies. This allows us to analyze website traffic data and refine our Site and customize it. We use this information only for mathematical analysis and delete the data from the method.