Top 10 3ds emulator apps for android

10 Top 3ds emulator apps for android - Appspodcast

The 3d emulators turn your Android device into hub of console games and allow you to enjoy the coolest games for an unlimited time. To delight you more, the 3d emulators added to this list have a variety of features. You can download them instantly and enjoy full-screen games, the HD resolution, speed and sound and a range of keyboard command options.

Top 3ds emulator apps for android

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Appspodcast

Simple yet interesting, Mario Kart offers you the best athlete show by racing with seven other players. You can play games with this 3d emulator with your friends from any corner of the world. The race is not limited to a playground; it goes worldwide, you race around courses, reaching the iconic locations of the world with funny, cartoony characters that always amuse you. Mario Kart Tour isn’t without rewards. There are plenty of them in form of stars, drivers, karts and gliders. There are lots of features to be explored from the impressive “frenzy mode” to “Goomba Takedown”, and “Vs. Mega Bowser”.


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run - Appspodcast

Super Mario Run is the latest version of the game and is packed with so many new features. Mario is on the run and you keep him moving forward, helping him cross all hurdles with by jumps and spinning. On each success you get reward in the form of coins. This game simply requires tapping and can be played with one hand.There are four exciting modes of this game;World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder and you can select them as per you likeness. You can download this amazing game free but to enjoy all its features you need to subscribe.


PPSSPP – PSP emulator

PPSSPP - PSP emulator - Appspodcast

PPSSPP – PSP emulator is a wonderful option for game lovers who want to enjoy excellent sound tracks, fast speed and HD resolution to give you the best screen display. It comes with so many innovative features to ensure you longer fun hours. All you need to ensure is that your device should be powerful enough to run all its features. PSP emulator does not have its own games but you can enjoy lots of free home brew games online through it including the real PSP games. The emulator also enables you to transform games into .ISO or .CSO files and save them into your device memory or SD card.


Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile - appspodcast

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile features an inspiring puzzle game. You have to place Pokémon in a vertical or horizontal order to beat the wild Pokemon. The fun of the game rests in setting and collecting Pokemon moving through a number of stages that grow more challenging as you proceed further. It is comparatively easier and casual but appealing for those who love puzzle games. You have to go through setting instructions prior to start it playing because Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is not compatible to all Android devices.


Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters - Appspodcast

Pokémon Masters introduces you to a wonderful island Pasio where a fierce 3-on-3 battle is fought. The game is played to become champion of the battle fighting against skilled combatants. You have to create your own team against the fighters and spot their weak points to defeat them. Every moment of this fantastic game is interesting and keeps your engaged throughout the game. You can enjoy this game playing with your friends from all corners of the world. All you need is to ensure an Android OS 7.0 device of minimum 2GB RAM.


John GBA Lite – GBA emulator

John GBA Lite - GBA emulator - Appspodcast

John GBA Lite is GBA is designed particularly for android 4.1+ and is supportive to play your favorite games enjoying multiple features. It features genuine GBA engine and can save states if you turn off game in between. It provides you excellent quality rendering and cheats. You can access games on SD card or the memory of your device. It comes with virtual screen pad and also features fast forward and slow down options. The only drawback of this emulator is that it does not come with game files and you have to download games from other sources.


Terminal Emulator for Android

Terminal Emulator for Android - Appspodcast

Terminal Emulator brings the best hours for your inner geek by offering you the opportunity to enjoy the Full Linux terminal emulation. This wonderful emulator also features multiple windows, launcher short cuts and text in several international languages. Those who have already used its previous version will find this new one with so many new features. There are absolutely no ads and nag screens that can divert your attention during games. Use “Busy Box” or “Debian chroot” if you want more commands on the interface.


Oceanhorn ™

Oceanhorn - Appspodcast

Oceanhorn can take you into a dream world of Arcadia and the sea monster Oceanhorn. You visit mysterious islands and voyage over uncharted seas. Every moment of this game is full of excitement and allows you to experience several dangers, puzzles and secrets that are filled with suspense and adventure. What make this game more enticing are its innovative features that include 3D visuals, awesome soundtracks! The first chapter of this game is free for you. For the rest you need to subscribe.


GloudGames-Free experience!

Gloud Games -Free to Play 200+ AAA games - Appspodcast

GloudGames turns your Android device into a game console and lets you enjoy a faster HD experience to play your favorite games. If you choose this emulator app, you have free access to 100+ exciting games. There is an additional bunch of 200+ enticing games for you, if you choose to subscribe for them. It is designed to impart you the best gaming experience that is supported with its very impressive features. It features HD 1080P presentation. You need not download any game, just click and begin your most exciting gaming experience.


DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator - Appspodcast

This emulator doubles the pleasure of playing Nintendo DS games by maximizing gaming speed and resolution to 2 by 2 times than the original one on multiple Android devices. There are multiple features of this emulator that will entice you to opt for it. It also allows you to customize the placement and size of the DS screens as per your likeness. You can also select portrait and landscape modes. If you are using this emulator on nVidia Shield and Xperia Play devices, it is supportive for add-on and physical controls. However, you should remember that DraStic DS Emulator allows only legally acquired Nintendo DS games.


Appspodcast selected apps contains the best 3d emulators to help the games enthusiasts with console to play. They save your time for searching them by yourself. Each one of them has something innovative and stunningly unique to offers you. Most of them are free but for their advance features you need to subscribe. Try them to make your free time more exciting and mirthful.

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