Top 10 Alarm Clock Apps for Android Users

Top 10 Alarm Clock Apps for Android Users - Appspodcast

A cool and chic alarm clock app is the essential feature of your Android device.It helps you wake up on your desired time, set a routine and adopt healthier habits. This list of carefully selected alarm clock apps introduces you to an exhaustive range of alarm clocks with innovative features to be suited with your taste and whim. They boast enormous collection of sonorous and soft ringtones, stylish and elegant Interfaces, stopwatch, World clock and lots of other options. You can also find here simple to use alarm clock apps that aren’t loaded with features and help you simply adapt to a bedtime routine.

Top Alarm Clock Apps for Android Users

Alarm Clock with Loud Mission Alarms – Alarmy

Alarm Clock for Your Morning - Alarmy - Appspodcast

What make this alarm clock app so enticing are its glam features for which it has been rated as 4.7 stars and has received over 1,000,000 positive reviews! No matter what type of sleeper you are, this alarm app features a range of loud and soft melodious ringtones to wake you up right on time, you set on the clock. If you fear you may fall back asleep, turn on its Wake Up Check option and the app will continue to give you intermittent beeps until you are fully awake. There are still a lot to explore on this app.

Alarm Clock Xtreme: Free Smart Alarm & Timer App

Alarm Clock Xtreme Alarm Reminders, Timer (Free) - appspodcast

This best alarm clock app is perfect for heavy sleepers who may find getting up hard in the morning. You can adjust alarm on slow to gradually rising high sound and wake up right on your desired time. With its limited snoozing options, it is perfect to make you leave the bed without getting late. Alarm Clock Xtreme is the choice more than 50,000,000 people around the world for its highly customizable features, excellent musical ringtones, timer and stopwatch.There is no fear of disabling the alarm having this app on your Android device.

Alarm Clock for Me free

Alarm Clock for Me free - Appspodcast

This free online alarm clock app introduces you to the best musical ringtones, gorgeous themes, and several alarm clock widgets and is also helpful to maintain your daily routine. Set the alarm clock on our favorite music and fall asleep listening to your preferred music from your collection. Choose between vibrate, fade in or snooze options to wake up comfortably. It also features math and shake alarm clock to turn off the alarm ringtone. This app also keeps you informed on current temperature to adjust your daily routine accordingly.

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock - Appspodcast

Distinguished by its beautiful interface, this alarm clock app is loaded with multiple features. Setting alarm is enormously easier on this app. Just swipe the bar shown on your screen on your desired time. You enjoy a sweet wake up experience on high quality ringtones. It also allows you to synchronize your alarms with other devices. This app also features a substantial range of intuitively crafted themes and designer clocks to decorate your device screen.


AlarmMon - Appspodcast

The most amazing feature of this best alarm clock app is its persistent alarm beep until you jump out of bed or the device consumes its entire battery. This fine alram clock has an immense range of different types of alarms. It can cater to the needs of everyone with options such as noisy alarm, quiet alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm etc. Currently, it is in use of nearly 27 million people around the world which is the enough proof of its great features.

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 - Appspodcast

Analog clock has lots of customizable features to entice you. You can set size the of the alarm clock on your device’s screen, add second hand on the clock, opt for a particular language and select widgets and live wallpapers from its collection to give your screen a stunning look. Its clock displays day, month and battery charge in solid as well as gradient style appearance. It allows you to change the logo text, and option to line up the app to the Home screen to display its live wallpaper.

Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock Plus - Appspodcast

Alarm Clock Plus is replete with several trustworthy features to impress you and lets you enjoy simple, unique and unlimited alarm options. The best alarm clock app will give you beep even you have put your phone on silent. Its innovative volume fade-in feature gradually raises and decreases the alarm sound, making it easier for you to wake up without jumping out of bed to snooze the alarm. You can also take option of adding timers for new alarms and do your routine tasks. The other brilliant features of this app include math alarm, music alarm and flashlight that brighten up with every alarm beep.

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock - Appspodcast

It features many customization alarm clock options & widget that provides you the opportunity to set different alarm ringtones on weekends and workdays. You have also numerous other options to help you set your routine and wake up on your preferred time. This app also brings you fade in alarm, Nap Timer, Shake to snooze,recurring alarm, date alarm and date alarm.

GO Clock – Alarm Clock & Theme

GO Clock - Alarm Clock & Theme - Appspodcast

The excellent functionality of this best alarm clock app is proven by its massive download by the users that is above one million.It takes only a second to set alarm just by using one key. The ringtones comprise sweet and melodious sounds of Birds, Rain, and Cock crow, classic as well as funny alarm tunes. Along with a huge range of alarm clock musical tones, it also features plenty of free clock themes!

Appspodcast brings to you a number of options that are not simply basic alarm clocks but massively more than that. They are packed with smart and unique features such as timers, widgets, math clocks, background themes as well as options in setting ringtones, tunes and songs. They are designed with a vision to let you enjoy a pleasant wake up experience. You will find them very helpful to follow a schedule and do your things right in time.


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