Top 10 Android Data Recovery Apps to recover your valuable data

Top 10 Android Data Recovery Apps to recover your valuable data - Appspodcast

Your personal data, photos and notes are the most precious things on your Android device. A little negligence on your part may delete this valuable stuff and cause you huge tension and you have to acquire data recovery services. This list introduces you to those powerful data recovery apps for Android that can save you from the tension of losing your data and help you get it recovered it within no time.

Top Android Data Recovery Apps

DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery - Appspodcast

Having this app on your Android device, you are altogether safe from losing any data from SD card or internal memory of your device. It can undelete the stuff you erroneously removed and restore it to its place. For further safety, this app also allows you to save your data on different locations such as local folders, email, Google Drive and Dropbox. This app has two options for android data recovery. If the device is rooted, it can help you recover data from all locations but if the device is not rooted, it will scan only cache and thumbnails to get back the lost content.

Dumpster recycle: recover & restore deleted photos

Dumpster Bin File Recovery. Restore Deleted Videos - Appspodcast

This premium android data recovery app is in use of more than 40 million people for its instant, reliable and perfect results to retrieve data. This android data recovery features make it #1 data recovery app for Android! It features simple commands that you can use it easily and get back your lost videos files, pictures, restore any media and textual data. It also helps you keep the backup of your content on cloud storage. You need not to go online to recover the accidentally deleted files. Additionally, this app also features lock screen, themes & designs.

DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery - Appspodcast

It is another intelligent android data recovery app that works as an excellent tool to explore and data recovery from the internal storage as well as SD card. Its simple to use features and the fantastic UI Design will certainly entice you. The best part is that it doesn’t require rooting the device for scanning data from all locations. Moreover, it is also supportive to dig out all file formats such as jpg, jpeg and png.

Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore - Appspodcast

Losing data is no more a headache, if you have this wonderful data retrieving app on your Android device and let you over the charges of data recovery services. This android data recovery app is the one-spot solution of keeping backup, restoring, transferring and sharing images, video files as well as retrieving APK files instantly. It increases your options to regain data not only from the device’s internal memory but also from SD card and USB. Using this app you can easily save your important content on Google Drive and Dropbox and download them back to your device easily.

Super Backup & Restore

Super Backup & Restore - Appspodcast

Designed to provide you a permanent solution to restore and save your data! This app is a must-have for people who have precious content on their Android device. It maximizes your options for saving applications, contacts, data recovery and text messages with just one tap. It is equally supportive for sharing share APK files. You can also keep record of your call history, bookmarks, and calendars and retrieve them if lost accidentally. You can set an automatic backup schedule as well as an auto upload to Google Drive or Gmail.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

This is the best supportive android data recovery app to undelete your significant data files if perchance you lose them from device’s storage, caches, memory cards and USB. The app is free to use but with every file recovery, and you no need to hire data recovery services of experts. However, you can enjoy ads-free features if you opt for its premium version. No root access is required on this application to restore the lost data. It is perhaps the only app which is supportive to recover an exhaustive range of file formats.

Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery - Appspodcast

To get back the android data recovery, this powerful app can help you by scanning all the storage locations on your Android device and restore them into gallery. Its results are enormously reliable and it works when other data recovery apps may fail to give you the desired results. There is no issue of format as the unique tools of this app are capable of restoring all types of image file formats.

Restore Image (Super Easy)

Restore Image (Super Easy) - Appspodcast

The name of this application reflects its prime function. This intelligently designed app makes image restoration extremely easier by following only a few steps. If you have erased some important image files by mistake, you get them back without any hassle. You don’t need to root your device or a PC for retrieving the lost images. The app is entirely free for users and requires no permission or registration.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop - Appspodcast

This unique data recovery app brings you high quality tools to undelete files and save your material on whatever location you prefer. It is helpful to retrieve maximum range of video and image files such as PEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, 3GP and MP4. It is also supportive to scan and find your lost data from internal as well as external memory and SD cards. Yet the most impressive feature of this application is its compatibility with almost all sorts of Android devices.

Photo Recovery-Restore photos

Photo Recovery-Restore photos - Appspodcast

This app is particularly designed to undelete photos.It boasts easy to use features and is an ideal choice for those who like to see straight and simple interfaces in applications. It comes with saving and restoring image files such as JPG and PNG from the internal storage of your Android device and memory cards. To retrieve your content, this app doesn’t require the device to be rooted.

This ensemble brings you an impressive ensemble of must-have apps to ensure the security of your important files. It provides you with both paid and free options, so you can recover data easily without hiring the data recovery services. Appspodcast ‘s share each of apps has something special to offer you. The variety of these applications is meant to cater the needs of different people and save them from spending time in searching for data recovery app, data recovery services on the internet.

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