Top 10 Android Games for Game lovers

Top 10 Android Games 2020 - Appspodcast

The year has brought a brand new series of intuitively designed games for you. The updated features of these games particularly boast speed, visual and sound effects and excellent mobile screen compatibility. With the huge uptick in accessories that make gaming experience more delightful on android mobiles makes these games even superb and lets you enjoy the real fun. Apps podcast collection of Android Games contains a variety of genres that comprises, adventure, inquisitiveness, competition, strategy and creativity that you have ever seen for the Android system.

Top Android Games


PUBG MOBILE - NEW ERA - Appspodcast

PUBG MOBILE is loaded with all those features which you could only enjoy on desktop before but now all those exciting features are on your mobile. It brings you the 100-player classic mode, real battlegrounds that are spreading from cities to frozen lands and jungles. Empowered with the Unreal Engine 4, PUBG MOBILE is capable of ensuring you stunningly realistic HD graphics, 3D effects, and excellent sound as well as customizable mobile controls. And prime of all, you have all independence to play this free of charge.


Minecraft - Appspodcast


Minecraft is designed particularly for those who want to try their knack of creation ad craft. There is no limit to creation and this game enlarges your choices to an infinite world of creativity. From building homes to weapons, you have every possibility to design and materialize your ideas into virtual reality. Either play alone in its survival mode or include friends as it allows you up to 10 players to join you. This game is supported with Minecraft’s private server and is available for 30-day free trial.

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Arena of Valor 5v5 Arena Game - Appspodcast

This multiplayer battle arena is designed for those who love peek of adventure. Be ready to display your valor against the fierce enemies in the mazes of a thick jungle and encounter enemies lurking in towers and hidden in every nook. Lead your team of fearless heroes in a ruthless epic struggle and seize the battleground. You can engage playmates from all over the world. This game is also a grand test of your mettle as well as gaming skills and promptness to operate its challenging modes. All features and controls of this game have been curated to perfectly fit with your mobile screen.

Final Fantasy VII


The canvas of Final Fantasy VII features a global encounter between the evil and good forces and among  the best rated Android Games . You have to make an epic struggle against the accesses of a revolutionary group – Avalanche that wants to destroy the planet. Rescue Mako energy production from the clutches of Shinra Electric Power Company that holds reins of the world power. Start downloading this adventure with a free 4GB space for it occupies much space others on this list. To fully grasp the gaming console, it is necessary to go through the help page before you make your debut on the battleground.


Hearthstone - Appspodcast

Hearthstone has Blizzard Entertainment’s award on it credit that is the best evidence on its unique and stunning features. The players have to gather mighty cards in the game to construct massive decks. They can take help of minions and sling spells to take hold of the battlegrounds and beat all participants who pose challenge to you. The game offers a cut-throat competition to grab power and rule over Scholomance Academy, killing demons in Ashes of Outland and venture through League of E.V.I.L. in Rise of Shadows. Every moment of this game is packed with thrill, excitement and an insane fun.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 - Appspodcast

Monument Valley 2 is a classic adventure game that is filled with many twists, uncertainties and suspense. You have to help a mother and her child through odds of a magical world that is built on a Sacred Geometry. The prime adventure of this game is to be vigilant tracing path on the deceptive passages of a mysterious architecture and help Ro to get to her destination. This standalone adventure has gained tremendous appreciation from all reviewers and it is sure to delight you as well.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO - Appspodcast

Pokémon GO has already won the title of the “Best Mobile Game” as well as the “Best App of the Year”. There are more than one billion downloads of this fantastic game that prove its worth. This is designed specifically for Android phones and not tablets and is built around a real time thrilling adventure. You roam with your Buddy Pokémon, empowering it by collecting rewards and joining other trainers to hunt for powerful Pokémons. The game is free but you have to make purchases while playing.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Appspodcast

The fun of this game centers round racing with seven other competitors. You can invite friends from all parts of the world to participate with you in team races, kart speed, and similar other racing competitions. This game allows you to customize rules for participants.There is no limit to racing arena; it is spreading over the whole planet across the real-world international cities. There are multiple rewards for you, if you successfully cross different stages of the game.


Spaceteam - Appspodcast

Spaceteam is the real treat for fun lovers who want lots of mayhem and hullabaloo with mates while enjoining to save their ship from the ravages of an exploding star. Spaceteam is the test of a real team spirit to manipulate a huge panel of switches, sliders, dials and buttons following instructions that are time-bound and are constantly received by all players.


GRIS - Appspodcast

The last on the show is Gris that takes the players into a surreal world with the protagonist that is a girl and courageously facing a painful experience of her life. This game is altogether different to that of all the picks on this list. It is meant to impart you a calm and evocative experience, involving your puzzle solving and meditative skills to encounter challenges.

This pack of the top Android games are distinguished for bringing you the jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sound which will certainly mesmerize every game lover. Another unique plus of these games is the regular updates that the manufacturer studios will send you to enlarge your gaming options. They will unleash euphoria of magic, mischief and mayhem imparting to you all those features that you love and want at your fingertips.

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