Top 10 Apps to Reduce Image Size Apps for Android Users

Top 10 Apps to Reduce Image Size Apps for Android Users - Appspodcast


In old times, we were unable to catch our moments of life. It was considered difficult to capture any moment before the invention of camera. Gradually, the cameras are started using in mobiles but with better performance. These days, however, smartphones have introduced cameras of high resolution but real problem is that these high quality pictures require much space to store.

People can capture unforgettable with HD camera and Selfie camera by applying different filters. If you want to share them on any social media platform, you cannot upload on Facebook or share on Whatsapp owing to their size. You need to reduce the size or resolution so that you use this picture to share or store easily. Apps podcast brings quality and reliable ads free apps  for you & avoid you from the disturbance of searching exact apps.

Top Apps to Reduce Image Size Apps

The below list of reduce image file size apps allows you to resize & compress the images without any distorting pixels of the in both way either after cropping or resizing photos.

Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Reduce, Batch

Photo & Picture Resizer Resize, Downsize, Adjust - Appspodcast

Smart Image Resizer is the app that you might have been looking for a long time of your life. It is, however, a great app to remove your worry of saving and sharing pictures to your friends easily. It helps you to resize or reduce the resolution of the picture painlessly. Moreover, this app is totally free with the following features that a good kind of resizer app must have. It does not affect the original picture, gives you a batch resize of the pictures in good quality. You can adjust the resolution and aspect ratio and share by via email or text with complication.

Photo Compress & Resize

Photo Compress & Resize - Appspodcast

This app will be a great choice if you want to resize or compress your pictures easily and quickly. As a result of, Photo Compress & Resize has smart lossy compression techniques that help you reduce the size of your photo. That takes low colors in images and fewer bytes to store more data for you. Moreover, you can crop the unnecessary colors and objects that you don’t want to see, so, you can share photos easily.

QReduce Lite | Compress Image Size in Kb

QReduce Lite Compress image size in kb & mb - Appspodcast

This is a perfect app to compress the size of your photos accurately that you want to store make them able to store. However,QRedduce Lite compresses the image size in mbs to kbs and has removed your worry of low space for saving the photos. The reduced size photos can be found in the phone gallery or a folder named QReduce Lite. This fantastic app will be an end to your problems of uploading images of high pixels to the internet.It is also an easy way to share on any social media platform.

Photo Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch

Photo Resizer Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch - Appspodcast

Photo Resizer is a great program that is such a good tool for cropping, shrinking, and resizing photos. It helps to make photo size as low as you require for posting on Facebook, and other social media. This is a fast way of reducing the size of the images even the batch resizing and keeps the quality to make your life easier. Using Photo Resizer resize, shrink, grow, and crop photos free in the right resolution of the photos you need.

Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo Size - Appspodcast

This is a perfect free app to reduce photo size without losing its resolution for perfect fit in photo frame as you wish. The images reduced in size can be sent through email or share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. However,this is the app that is available in many languages, for changing language visit the setting of your android. With this app, you can attach a reduce file to mail and share with your friends without losing the quality of the image.

Compress PDF – PDF Compressor

Compress PDF - PDF Compressor - Appspodcast

It is a perfect app for reducing pdf size, and I am very pleased with this. It helps you to save your disk space back and faster on uploading and downloading. Certainly, Compress PDF is an easy way to compress your PDF files on your device right. Moreover, its free compression takes one hour, fast compression is completed in seconds, unlimited compressions, and compress PDF on the device easily. One thing to remember, sometimes it cannot compress your all files.

Resize Me! – Photo & Picture Resizer

Resize Me - Photo & Picture resizer - Appspodcast

Resize Me is an extremely simple and useful app for photo and picture resize. Often we take images with android device camera without bother of resolution, so it becomes difficult to share or move on file. This app reduces the size of your photos for emailing or sharing on other social media perfectly. Some of the great features of this app are custom size, easy in use, keep EXIF tags, keep GPS data, rotate, and crop. It helps you to save the image in JPEG and PNG format and you can set the reduced images as wallpaper. Some features can be got only in the full version.

Photo Resizer

Photo Resizer - Appspodcast

After capturing photos of high resolution, we have to face the problem of saving them. As a result of that, we need more room to save the photos but unable to save photos of high resolution. Then try Photo Resizer to reduce the photos in different four resize modes to the size you require to save. However, this is easy to reduce the image size, make you able to share or upload on other social sites. An essential point to note that is taking a photo only works on a default camera app. The resized images using for the Facebook app will make it invisible in other image viewing apps.

Compress Image Size in Kb & Mb

Compress Image Size in kb & mb - Appspodcast

Finally, you reach a good app that compresses image size in Kbs and Mbs quickly and easily. You can perform any action of compressing, cropping, resizing images into the size that you require. Compressor Lite helps you to share the resized images to email or any other social media platform. Certainly, it reduces the size as low as you need. Save and share pictures with good resolution images easily and get more features in its full version.

Photo Resize & Compress, Batch, Crop

Photo Resize Compress, Batch Crop - Appspodcast

Photo Resizer and Compress app are different from other apps available on the internet. It has some great tools that make it different. However, the features of the resizing tool, resize(PX) tool, optimize tool, crop tool, reduce tool, convert tool, rotate tool, and square fit tool. All these tools are used to reduce photo size or compress them. But they keep the quality of the photos that you can use. Enjoy photo reducing as you like the size with this wonderful app.

These entire reduce image size apps are containing several marvelous features and fulfill your requirement. Consequently, this list will help you to choose the right app for you. So, the one you like and start editing photos by reducing and cropping their size to save or share them on social media. Even you will enjoy free versions of these apps because they are rich in features too and sorted on the quality features by appspodcast.

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