Top 10 Dictionary Apps for Android Users

Top 10 Dictionary Apps for Android in 2021 - Appspodcast

We have been using dictionaries for ages in hard form. But it is always difficult to carry them with you wherever you go. Computer technology has made it easier by introducing dictionary apps to be usedon your android devices. Now you need not to carry them in hard form. Just install a dictionary app on your android device and look up the words anytime and anywhere. The dictionary apps for Android furnish you with definition of the words, their usage, etymologies, and pronunciation etc. This collection brings the most popular top 10 dictionary apps that will serve you the best.

Top Dictionary Apps for Android Users English Word Meanings & Definitions English Word Meanings & Definitions - Appspodcast English dictionary and thesaurus app is a tool to learn English. It has up to 2 million words with definitions and synonyms. For getting access to the synonyms and definitions whenever you need, just install the app because it works offline as well. However, this app is an alternative to the bulky books that are not easy to carry all the time. It includes the following: word of the day, synonyms, audio pronunciations, voice search, wordplay, word puzzle, grammar help, favorite words and search history, English spelling help.

U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate

U-Dictionary Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate - Appspodcast

Official Oxford Dictionaries, magic translation, text translation, camera translation, conversation translation, and grammar check.Quick translate, offline dictionary, offline translation, word lock screen, copy to translate, books mark for important words, pronunciation native examples, and word games. All are for you in the one and only app U-Dictionary.

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster - Appspodcast

Get this useful and free, supported by ads android app for building English vocabulary and learn more. It has made learning new words and fun and even you can test your vocabulary with hundreds of words. This is an offline app but to see illustrations or to listen to audio pronunciations or a voice search you need internet connection. Using this app you can enjoy vocabulary-building quizzes, voice search, word of the day, a thesaurus,
example of the sentences, and audio pronunciation.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English - Appdpodcast

Oxford Dictionary of English is globally became popular and has the oldest history of search behind. It is a blessing in disguise for the students of all levels even those who are preparing ACT, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. Up now, its database from Oxford University Press is the latest and you can also learn the phrases in the expressions by the native English speakers. However, this app has made your search easy even if you don’t have idea of the spellings of the word. It has an auto search, also can search compound words and phrases.

English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary - Offline - Appdpodcast

This is the best dictionary app for searching the words without any internet connection. You write a word and it shows the result quickly with all related information to that word. It includes the most updated words and slangs along with abbreviations. You can have more than 356000 definitions of English word and the most interesting is the leaf through search of the words by swiping the finger.


Dictionary - Appspodcast

This is a good and useful dictionary app for android to those who have been learning English. It includes a very simple content to understand easily like simple definitions, synonyms and even you can see the meaning of the words in your native language. However, this is an offline dictionary and thesaurus but you are required to download the content for using offline. It has advanced search options like “start with”, End with, and in definition.

Dictionary – WordWeb

Dictionary - WordWeb - Appspodcast

Dictionary – WordWeb is almost exactly what you need. This is a free offline dictionary and thesaurus along with synonyms and related words. Its audio pronunciation app is in separate audio edition app. it comprises on millions of words, phrases definitions, usage example, pronunciation, and synonyms. It has alphabetical listing, spelling suggestions, sounds-like and often confused, fast pattern matching search.

Offline Dictionaries

Offline dictionaries - Appspodcast

If you are a student or an entrepreneur, dictionary is your ultimate need. You have excellent dictionary options on the internet but you may not have the facility of the internet at all places. For an instance, you are in a meeting and want to know the meanings of the words but you don’t have the network, this offline dictionary can be immensely useful. You can listen to definitions using a text to speech module. This app contains dictionaries in more than 50 languages.

All Language Translator Free

All Language Translator Free - Appspodcast

If you are visiting other country and you don’t know the language used there, don’t worry about the language. You just have to install all language translator free app to remove the communication barrier. It translates easily and fast and works like a dictionary because it gives the meanings of the words with definition. This app has a simple user preface, you can listen translated text, sentence in Japanese and Chinese too.

English Bangla Dictionary

English Bangla Dictionary - Appspodcast

English Bangla Dictionary is very helpful app when you need to look for the meaning of the words you don’t know. The way of using this app is very and simple that everybody can use and understand the meaning through the included definitions of the words. You can look for both English as well as Bangla words directly from the internet browser and can be used as a learning tool. However, you are able to add a study plan for you. So don’t be late install this app with the following features: It is Bangla to Englis and English to Bangla, can be used offline, search from web, and you can listen pronunciation of the words even has voice search. It has antonyms,synonyms, history, study plan, word game, share words, and copy words.

No doubt, the dictionary apps have become a very useful tool for learning as well as building vocabulary and it made our lives much easier. Using a dictionary you can correct your translation and it can also help you with spelling, pronunciation, grammar, word of the day idioms phrases definitions and many other things regarding this.

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