Top 10 Digital Scales Apps for Android

Top 10 Digital Scales Apps for Android - Appspodcast

This superb collection of digital scales apps is supportive for multiple measuring tasks like measuring apps for measuring of room. From measuring the length, width and height of objects, they are also helpful to control gaining weight and follow a diet chart. They are equally helpful for common people as well as for professionals to take instant measurements. They make it easier to magnify objects and take their macro photos and save or share them with others. For their immense benefits, these apps are the need of everyone. Another worth-appreciating feature of these apps is their user-friendly options that require no technical assistance to operate them.

Top Digital Scales Apps for Android

Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight - Appspodcast

An ideal weight tracker app among the digital scale apps that is smart enough to work like a professional tool to help reduce weight and follow a complete weight loss program! It can accommodate multiple profiles and can help synchronize data on many Android devices. It is excellently supportive to note calories intake, calculate BMI and body fat percentage and record and share all data with others. The app can also note your weekly and monthly weigh loss progress.


Smart Measure

Smart Measure - Appspodcast

Smart Measure is stunningly unique and amazing digital scale app to measure any length and height just in a moment. Set your cam on the object, it takes the virtual horizon of the object by itself and provides you the exact measurement. The app is smarter than tap measure and instruments allowing you take readings in meter and feet. You have also the option of turning on or off the sound effect.


Ideal Weight – BMI Calculator & Tracker

Ideal Weight - BMI Calculator & Tracker - Appspodcast

Idea Weight brings to you one-spot solution to measure body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) daily. This app works both as tracker and calculator for you. There isn’t any complication involved. Just fill up gender, age and weight boxes and enter your weight using the slider on the screen. Start you workouts and diet plan and enter new details. The app comes with three uniquely designed color graphs with options of 1, 3 and 12 months plans. Its calculator is supportive to take BMI instantly. The app is equally helpful for individuals and fitness professionals.


Weight Track Assistant – Free weight trackerWeight Track Assistant - Free weight tracker - Appspodcast

Fantastic app for all weight and health conscious people! This can perform as a ladder of success for you to achieve your targets and maintain an ideal body weight and smartness. You can measure you weight three times a day and maintain history of all statistics to monitor your progress. This app provides you the options of measuring body fat percentage/BMR/waist to hip ratio(WHR) value and keep record in both imperial and metrics units.


Weight Loss Tracker & BMI – aktiBMI

Weight Loss Tracker & BMI - aktiBMI - Appspodcast

Designed to help you lose weight, follow a balanced diet chart and live a healthy and happy life! This app is also supportive for those who have a weak physique and they want to gain weight. The app can also help for athletes and bodybuilders to keep record of their workouts and follow a training program. Its features are amazing and are packed with wonderful options. This free app can work as a complete health diary for you allowing you to set your targets and prepare a full log of your activities.


Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]

Magnifier & Microscope Cozy - Appspodcast

This is an amazing app which turns your Android device simultaneously into magnifier and microscope. If you are using this app for magnifying objects, you get H/W zoom, S/W zoom results whereas to take a microscopic look, you get the finest quality images. This app also features image freezing, image filters, WYSIWYG saves and a lot more. The advantages of having this app on your device are far more than you could imagine. It replaces the need of using glasses or a magnifying glass to read text or numbers.


RulerRuler - Appspodcast

It is that nice app that would certainly entice you to download it for its multiple measuring advantages. It provides you options to measure objects in mm, inches and centimeters and then easily convert them. No matter what are you measuring; whether it is length, straight line, calculation,vertical and horizontal lines, it is supportive to take all types of measurements. In each measurement, you get accurate and precise results. Its design is attractive and the options are user-friendly.


Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters - Appspodcast

Ruler App boasts attractive and impressive design that looks great on screens of your Smartphone and tablet. It provides you instant and accurate measuring readings and replaces the need of keeping tap measure with you! The app displays both Imperial and Metric units. It is especially supportive to multi-touch measuring of all odd and curious objects. It also allows you to save record of your measurements and cut and paste them in any other app.


WeightWar – Weight Loss

WeightWar - Weight Loss - Appspodcast

This unique app is designed to help all those people who are struggling to cut extra fat from their bodies and regain their smart and healthy look. This app allows you a comprehensive set of features like entering your weight daily, details of your daily food intake and comparing it with your goals set by your nutritionist. There is a checklist for all your daily activities which keeps you on track and helps you to achieve your targets.


Libra – Weight Manager

Libra - Weight Manager - Appspodcast

Libra is extremely helpful to note variations in your weight daily. If you are gaining weight or sensitive to be smart and want to ensure a balanced weight, this app is your destination. It is also helpful for keeping record of your diet intake, estimate daily Kcal and move all record to excel sheet for reference. You can easily set weight loss goals on this app. There are interesting widgets for you too!


Obviously, you can’t stuff our pockets with so many measuring instruments but your Android device can do amazing things. Downloading the above apps and you get a tremendous opportunity to take all sorts of measurements whenever you like and there is no expense on it. They are all free for you. These apps do not provide you just an idea but concrete and exact measurements in several units and also allow you to convert readings in other units.

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