Top 10 Eye Candy Apps for Android

Top 10 Eye Candy Apps for Android 2021 - Appspodcast

Are you looking for such an app to take amazing photos with that? You are at the right place where you can accomplish your dreams by using these eye candy camera apps.  Appspodcast always loves to share quality and reliable android apps with you. Eye Candy Camera apps are the best to make your photos POP and transform them something amazing.

Obviously, these eye candy Camera apps are thickly rich in amazing effects, using these eye candy apps you have unlimited awesome options like change our look appealing.  Basically, eye candy camera apps enable you to take HD photos with automatic touching, refine your photos, covering the dark circles around eyes.

Top Eye Candy Apps for Android

The below collection of best eye candy apps may helpful to impress your friends by applying different sorts of filters, night camera mod, professional photography at run time.

Eye Candy – Selfie Camera

Eye Candy - Selfie Camera - Appspodcast

Eye Candy selfie camera is the app that you have been looking for. It adorns your photos to a large extent and helps you edit them as you wish. Millions of people are using Eye Candy camera app and enjoying its amazing features to make look their photos impressive. Then don’t waste your time and start enjoying taking beautiful every selfie by adjusting specific filters of your choice. It also contains many other splendid features to have perfect selfie.

Sweet Candy Camera – Selfie Face cam&Beauty Effect

Sweet Candy Cam - selfie editor & beauty camera - Appspodcast

Sweet Candy Camera is the most popular selfie face cam with many beauty effects. It contains such effects that help to tune your face and turn your skin smooth, remove spots, and body-retouch. However, it also offers art filters, live stickers, makeup effect collage maker, grid tools, and an eraser to remove background. The interesting thing is that all the tools are free and you can make awesome pictures with them. it is a fun!

Candy Selfie –Beauty Camera

Candy Selfie -Beauty Camera - Appspodcast

What words you will use for the amazing features of this Candy Selfie beauty camera app. This is really a decent app with its tons of beautifying filters and silent mode. Certainly, it is the ever best choice because it has professional selfie frame camera. It will work for setting filters and give 3D graphics; on the other it is easy to edit photos amazingly with this. Download this today for cool selfies, filters, beauty face, lovely filters, and frames to fun with friends.

Sweet Selfie – Beauty Camera & Best Photo Editor

Photo Editor & Pic Collage - Sweet Selfie Camera - Appspodcast

This is absolutely a great and lovely app that 300,000,000 people are enjoying taking selfies with it worldwide. It offers both taking selfies as well as editing them, you can edit face through selfie face editor. However, it helps removing pimples and acnes, gives skin smoothness, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and even change the skin color. The advanced features are available in this free app and add lovely and attractive filters to your selfies more eye-catching.

Candy Camera – Sticker Pack 1

Candy Camera - Sticker Pack 1 - Appspodcast

Candy Camera is not only the camera but also a combination of selfie app, beauty camera, and photo editor. Even this app won’t let you bore with its amazing features because it offers you a wide range of filters. It contains many features of beautifying, slimming, whitening, lipstick tool, black color mascara, eyeliner, and blush, etc. Additionally, these features help you beautify your selfies. They also adorn with plenty of stickers and social heavy users can have photo collage grids.

Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam

Bestie - Camera360 Selfie - Appspodcast

The top developer of camera 360 has introduced Bestie with stunning filters for professional photography and having wide-angle lens effect. Even you can enjoy funny emojis and many animated free stickers of puppies, kitties, and bunnies in Bestie camera360 selfie app. it bring face recognition, real-time filters, video shoots, and tracking technology. It also includes great tools of beauty editor for your photo and keeps the quality of the pictures. Try this app today for a perfect appearance.

Candy Camera – Selfie, Beauty Camera, Photo Editor

Candy Camera - selfie, beauty camera, photo editor - Appspodcast

In the world of selfie lovers Candy Camera app is quite common in use and it has an intuitive interface. If you want to take real-time enhanced snapshots, this will be the best choice. It is embellished with lovely filters that adorn your selfies even you can change filters just by swiping to right and left. This beautiful app also has a wide range of tools with beauty functions that whiten the face and body. Eyeliner, emojis, and stickers are the way to beautify your selfies to impress your friends.

Candy Selfie –Beauty Camera, Sweet Selfie

Candy selfie -beauty camera, sweet selfie - Appspodcast

Candy Selfie beauty camera app is the app full of unique features for a sweet selfie. So, use Candy Selfie to take exra ordinary photos of you and edit them to create nice selfies. However, some heighted features of this app may help you to know more about it. It is an easy app with professional tools, has option of real-time selfie with awesome filters and interesting collages. You can adorn your selfies with funny animal stickers and share your creation to your friends with a single touch.

Candy Selfie Lite – Selfie Face&Beauty Effect

Candy Selfie Lite -beauty camera, beauty selfie - Appspodcast

Candy Selfie Lite is a stunning app and easy to use for beginners. It contains perfect and easy collection of tools and it gives good graphics and picture quality. However, it can take your selfie love and fun to the next level; use this app to share a good collection of selfies to your friends. Moreover, this app contains the features like funny filters, awesome beauty-functions, stickers, and collages that don’t let you get bore.


BeautyCam - Appspodcast

In this list the last app that is BeautyCam one of the popular photo apps with more than 800 users. It helps body adjusting, plans, and some pose templates. It contains a good collection of stickers, styles, trending makeup looks, and lovely filters to embellish your selfies. The decorated pictures seem a professional master-piece. There are many tremendous features and one thing to remember its updates of trending styles and effects.

In the end, check out all the above-mentioned eye candy apps generally means to a person who want to be look attractive. Eye Candy apps are famous for accomplishing such purpose of beautifying the selfies. So, choose a right app from the collection of appspodcast team, to transform your look visually appealing with the filters of these apps.

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