Top 10 Flash Light Apps for Android

Top 10 Flash Light Apps for Android 2021 - Appspodcast

Flashlights have been in use for ages in various kinds. They have been of different sizes but now in modern times, flashlights have become a sophisticated and convenient tool to carry. These flashlight apps just setup mimics a genuine hardware flashlight.However, you just have to install a flashlight app to your android and can use it during the evening hours to find things in the darkness. Some Flash light apps are required camera permission as well and mostly apps do not require.

Top Flash Light Apps for Android

Today’s most of the mobile phone manufacturers offer flashlight software for you but you can also download a third-party flashlight app. Here is a list of top 10 flashlight Apps for android to try a variety of distinctive qualities of these apps.

Torch – Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight + LED - Appspodcast

Tiny Flashlight with an LED app is an excellent option that is a simple and free LED torch. You can enjoy several screen modes in it. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse Blinking lights are its best features for your device. Its LED torch is insanely bright. This is a free app and has a very unique design that saves the life of your battery when you use it.

Brightest Flashlight Free

Brightest Flashlight Free - Appspodcast

If you are looking for a flashlight app that is free of charge with the latest modes. Try the Brightest Flashlight App to meet your requirement. It gives maximum keyboard back light, camera flash LED, bright screen, notification LED, soft keys backlight. On the other hand, it gives a natural LED color and has an automatic timer. It is the best flashlight App to illuminate the surrounding in the evening or night time.

Torch Flash LED HD

With its intuitively designed features, this superb flashlight app is the choice of so many people around the world. The following features make Torch Flash LED HD a tremendously impressive.It has the most powerful light hat perfectly brightens up the environment. Anyhow, it is free, simple, and designed to use easily. It just opens the light with a single touch, uses an integrated flashlight LED. You can also add a widget to have quick access.This app also allows you to use full screen as a color light lamp.

Color Torch (LED flashlight)

Color Flashlight - Appspodcast

Want to turn your phone into color LED torchlight? Yes? Then try this Torch Flash LED HD app to use the screen of the phone or LED as a flashlight. If your Android phone is equipped with this app, you can move on your way in the dark easily. This app has color torch LED and an enhanced design. The color of the light can be changed when you need and you can use the screen of your phone in various lights like a police light, candlelight, a rainbow, a disco ball, and many others. Mainly this app gives maximized screen brightness, uses camera LED as a led torchlight, and enables to change the color of flash the light.

High-Powered Torch

High-Powered Flashlight - Super Bright LED Light - Appspodcast

You can turn your phone into a bright flashlight only by using High-Powered Torch easily. This app is designed for android and you can have three different lighting modes by activating the camera flash of your mobile. However, you can find keys in the dark area with its super flashlight.This app makes it possible to read books at night without any hassle. It is helpful to take out your dog for a walk and move about when you are camping somewhere at night. You can also enjoy the feature of strobe mode with 10 different frequencies.


Flashlight - Appspodcast

This free app uses the built-in camera LED flash of your Android phone. If you don’t have flash in your mobile you can use white screen mode with this app. It proves the best support to go into the dark basement or walk outside in the dark.It can be used as an emergency light to search for anything on the ground at night. You can set its mode in the widget for quick access.


Flashlight - Appspodcast

Using this app is a great experience and it will help you indoor as well as outdoor to brighten the environment and move around easily. It has absolutely wonderful functions of light tools to make your phone more productive and supportive. You can turn on the flash of this app quickly that is next to the rear camera and it works perfectly without any pause. This app boasts torchlight, color screen light,compass, and map.

Torch Light

Flashlight - Appspodcast

This wonderful free torchlight app is easy to use on your device. The torch light has a good combination of clock and uses the camera LED as a light source. You can use your screen as a light source in different colors and you won’t be stuck in the dark at night. The flashlight combines with a big clock that enables you to watch time when you are using the flashlight.


Flashlight - Appspodcast

This is an amazing flash light with quite unique and remarkable features. One of the best features of this torchlight has a magnifying glass through which you can get pictures and see those areas that are hard and unreachable. This really cool flashlight has very useful features like a built-in compass and map, a magnifying glass to capture the photo, strobe light effect, So Sforemergencies and clapper to turn on/off, phone battery level indicator etc. You can change the color of the screen light and use as widgets for quick access.


Flashlight - AppspodcastThe last on this ensemble is another amazing option that is simple to use, effective, and provides you a safe LED torch. You do not require unnecessary permissions to download and make the app functional on your Android device. It has a widget to switch it on/off. Even you can use a light of the screen when you don’t require the LED flashlight.This app does not stop working even when the screen is off.

The above appspodcast ‘s collection brings you very helpful flashlight apps that are best supportive for you when you are at places that are not properly lighted or completely dark. Having them on your device, you walk through, finding out things and read a book.These must-have apps are absolutely user friendly and can work with a single touch.

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