Top 10 Measuring Apps for Android

Top 10 Measuring Apps for Android - appspodcast

Measuring apps for Android are immensely supportive for Android users. They can help you measure dimensions of so many things in no time such as how big is your garden, the length and width of your living room or take an idea of what size of card box you to need pack a gift. A few of them are helpful for measure the noise level and few others can work as unit converters. Though these measuring apps do not replace the exactness of measurement tools, yet they provide you pretty good idea which can be prove extremely useful at times.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level - Appspodcast

This measuring app is exceptionally helpful for assessing horizontal and vertical dimensions of a surface. It can be particularly helpful for those who are engaged with construction, carpentry and photography or any other profession where they need to know surface levels. In household chores, it is supportive to measure furniture,hang paintings on walls or placing tripod for photographs. Its results are more accurate and dependable than the measurements taken using a traditional modern level meter. The readings of Bubble Level are as perfect as a real level meter can provide you.


Sound Meter

Sound Meter - appspodcast

Sound meter is an amazing app to measure the environmental noise level. The app gives you its values in various forms. You can also get the current noise reference through this app and note it in min/avg/max decibel values.Its readings are closer to actual sound level meter. Where microphone in most of the android devices fails to go above 90 dB, this app performs well as an auxiliary tool. It is a great app to know all sorts of noise distortions wherever you are.


Unit Converter: Smart Tools, Currency Converter

Unit Converter - appspodcast

This app makes unit conversion is meant to ease unit conversion in 44 different categories you need in your daily life. No other app in Google Play store can compete with it in performance. It is simple, easier and interactive. Its interface comes with over 100 exclusive features; however it occupies only a 4 MB space on your device’s memory. There are continuous updates for you to upgrade its innovative features. Unit Converter has more than 5 million download since its debut. This is enough to prove the enormous utility of this app.


Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker - appspodcast

Another amazing app to track your workouts! It can create a log of your walks, running, biking, counting steps, distance traveled by you and your speed to perform different activities. It can also maintain a complete record of calories your consumed. You have all the time a complete history of your workouts with you. You can also attach the app with music app and also opt for voice coaching through it. It features also running GPS detailing with maps and record your running routes. Its easy handling makes it an ideal tracking app for so many people.


GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter - appspodcast

This app provides you three remarkable supports. You can track your travel speed and know when it is over or low through the app’s vibrating alarm and measure the distance you have covered in each travel. It is supportive to walking, jogging, running and driving and all the times you get accurate information and its tracking appears both in travel speed in km / h or mph mode. It provides you option to set units in km or miles, adjust your preferred speed limit, on or off alarm and alert tone. It comes with multiple themes and you can change them as per your likeness.


Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure

Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure - appspodcast

ARCore Ruler appis a fantastic tape measure tool and allows you to measure line, distance meter, angle, area, volume, path and height. It is designed with augmented reality technology (AR) and works with the help of our smartphone camera to take measurements of linear sizes. The values are mentioned in cm, meter, feet and yards. The users can select between mm ruler and inch ruler as per their requirement. This app is compatible only with ARCore-supported devices.


Laser Level & Clinometer

Laser Level - appspodcast

This app for Android works as a leveling instrument which is helpful to finalize the horizontal and vertical levels of a surface. The app is equipped with multiple options such as laser pointer, 3-mode spirit level / bubble level as well as and clinometer. This app can provide you data in different units and is helpful for taking photos during measurements. Its precision makes it the best bubble level tool.


Spirit Level

Spirit Level - appspodcast

This is a free app to measure horizontal and vertical bubble level and get accurate and precise readings. You have also the simplest and user-friendly support to gauge angles and different axis sensitivities. The app also helps you calibrate and correct accelerometer. It also features options pause, reset and auto options to get readings as best as possible.



Thermometer - appspodcast

This innovative app can serve as the real thermometer featuring the all those options you find on a real one. There are digital readout, Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. You can use it to measure both ambient temperature and outside temperature. It gives you precise and accurate readings. It also boasts animated weather background and can provide you with information on current weather conditions outside.


AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan, Floorplanner

AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan Floorplanner - appspodcast

This app uses augmented reality (AR) technology and displays a virtual tap to take measurements. With its innovative features, it makes it easier and quicker for you to note the size of a room, doors and windows; their length, width and height. It calculates automatically perimeter and thus gives very useful information for estimating the construction expense.It allows you to develop 2D and 3D floor plan of the room with measurements of all dimensions.


The above Measuring Apps for Android apps are loaded with innovative technologies such as AR, GPS and are supported with high quality motion sensors and measuring laser. Regardless of the stretches of sizes, distances, noise level, these measuring apps for Android are your real support to take estimations. They come with the simplest interfaces so you don’t need to have special skills to run them on your Android devices. These apps have a variety of tools and functionalities to satisfy the needs of all users.

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