Top 10 Music Player Apps for Android Users

Top 10 Music Player Apps for Android - Appspodcast

There is an old saying, “Life would be a mistake without music.” This proverb brings to light the essentially of music in life. Thanks the tech inventions of modern age that made listening to your favorite music easier and far more accessible than in the past.

This ensemble comprises those intelligently designed Music Player Apps for Android that will help you enjoy music tracks, albums, genres and classical and modern music at one spot. Most of the features of these apps are free for music lovers. For higher quality features, you can subscribe to maximize the pleasure of your leisure time.

Top Music Player Apps

Deezer Music Player: Songs, Playlists & Podcasts

Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts - Appspodcast

The massive collection of this music player app contains 56 million tracks, enough for a life to satisfy the passion for music. And when you come to know this is all free for you, it makes Deezer Music Player a must-have app for your Android device. This colossal range contains all types of music categories to entertain you. It also boasts features such as SongCatcher and Shuffle mode to easily get to songs you want to listen. Further to surprise you, Deezer Music Player app has also sing along option to try your own knack with your favourite lyrics.

Lark Player – Free MP3 Music & YouTube Player

Lark Player - Free MP3 Music & Youtube Player - Appspodcast

Built on the latest app technology, this best free music player app for android doesn’t occupy much space on your device rather keeps it moving without letting it heavier while you have an access to a huge collection of music tracks. Its features such as options to upload your own collection, listen to YouTube music videos, Sing along and innovative inbuilt screen and music controls make it a complete video and music player app.The preset modes and its powerful equalizers will surely impress people who want a stylish touch in their music players.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music - Appspodcast

If you are a music lover and don’t have Google Play Music app on our Android device, you miss a great opportunity to entertain yourself. This Google Play Music app offers you free radio to enjoy songs and albums of multiple genres according to your mood and taste. Google Play Music also allows you to upload your own personal music collection up to 50,000 and listen to your most beloved songs whenever you like. Google Play Music app is equally compatible with Android, iOS and the web. If you opt for subscription, there are still more stunning features, such as family plan, on demand, access, and YouTube music Premium membership etc.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android - Appspodcast

You are certainly familiar with the famed VLC media and VLC media player is its port that meets all criteria of a superb must-have music player app. This cross-platform multimedia playeris capable of running all types of music file formats. It is also supportive to playdiscs, devices, and network streaming protocolsas well as DVD ISOs. The most amazing part is that this great app is entirely free for you. It allows you to develop a complete database and enjoy enticing equalizer and filters.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

Poweramp Music Player - Appspodcast

If you haven’t fixed your eyes on the apps given above, try this new Audio engine to satisfy your taste and craze for music. Poweramp v3 Music Player is an updated version of the already well-known player with the same name. It offers you powerful new features such as internal 64bit processing and configurable Resampler, Dither options as well as an updated equalizer, tone and stereo expand. You have also extended range of options in setting the players volume.

Music Player

Music Player - Appspodcast

Music Player brings you innumerable smart features that range from accessing all types of popular music file formats, browse most conveniently much sought after music albums as well as set background skin and themes. This app is particularly helpful for hot free music video/MV. There are tons of other alluring features to satisfy your passion for listening to Classic, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop and Jazz music.

Pi Music Player – Free MP3 Player & YouTube Music

Pi Music Player - Free Music Player, YouTube Music - Appspodcast

The 30 million+ downloads of this unique music player are enough to prove its worth! It is not only the best app to enjoy music videos but also allows you to share and edit music. Watch music videos on YouTube and add your most beloved ones to your playlists. The Ringtone Cutter on this app allows you to clip any of your favorite tune and save it. Its power saver mode saves your device’s battery from over-consumption. Its interface is helpful for maintaining your collection of Audio books & Podcasts.

Free Music Unlimited MP3 Player

Free Music MP3 Player(Download LITE - Appspodcast

It is another free music player android app which will complement your Android device and will let you enjoy your preferred music videos anytime and anywhere. You have instant access to web and YouTube for all types of videos and MP3s files. Giving you an access to online albums, it doesn’t fill the internal memory of your device and by this feature it is supportive to maintain speedy and smoothing streaming.

MP3 Player

MP3 Player - Appspodcast

This music player android app for Android is designed for those listeners who love to lose themselves in the torrents of soft and sweet music and prefer simply audio instead of getting distracted by watching videos. This is best free music player app for android, features a 5 band graphic equalizer and an especially curated built in mp3 cutter. It is supportive to MP3, MIDI, WAV and Raw AAC file formats. The other unique features of this player include Lock screen play and Home screen widgets. Its interface also allows you to adjust bass and treble as well as edit the playlists.

GO Music Player – Mp3 Player, Themes, Equalizer

GO Music - Offline & online music, free MV, MP3 - Appspodcast

This music player android app is functional both online as well as offline and is compatible with Android 8.0 & Samsung S8&S9. It offers you a massive collection of songs and you can also enjoy on-demand music tracks opting for this free app. It also provides you access to music collection of YouTube and enjoy songs of your beloved artists &their albums. It is the great hub for watching music videos, and listening to stream music.

The music player android apps on this list are meant to support you to enjoy the real fun of listening to your favorite music especially google play music app. Appspodcast data Team has collected after huge research. The most significant feature of this collection is that it includes only the most popular apps that are in use of a huge number of people around the world for their extraordinary functionality and performance. They also encase maximum number of options that the music lovers want to see in music player apps for Android.


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