Top 10 Pedometer Apps for Android

Top 10 Pedometer Apps for Android - appspodcast

The Pedometer Apps are helpful to adopt healthy habits. They can maintain a full log of your physical fitness activities. They can count your steps, measure distance and note time and speed during your walk, running or biking. These apps also provide you information that how many calories you have burned in workouts.

You can also get a number of fitness plans, audio coaching, set challenges for yourself and join communities of fitness lovers through these apps. All these features are just a glimpse; actually they are far more supportive to maintain your health.  Appspodcast team has a following fine collection and download the best one on your device.

Adidas Running App by Runtastic – Run Tracker

adidas Running App by Runtastic - Running Tracker - appspodcast

This app has multiple benefits for those who have started or want to start taking exercise, running or walking to keep themselves physically fit.Adidas Running App is best to note time, speed, burning of calories and a lot more. There isn’t any complication involved in running this app. It comes with a simple interface and you can customize its dashboard too to cater to your needs. Its notable features include built-in GPS, Voice Coach and LIVE Tracking & Cheering that allows you contacting your friends.


Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight - appspodcast

Walking & Running Pedometer is free health counter and is extremely supportive for creating healthy habits. With the help of this unique app, you can easily track your steps, measure distance and count calories burning. The best part of this app is that it is compatible with all android phones and boasts many innovative features and guided fitness plans. Turn on the app on 24/7 step counting and you can get the entire account of your movement throughout the day. This app also connects you with fitness and walking community.


RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk - appspodcast

This app introduces the simplest way to gain the best health fitness. This can help multiple workouts and give exact reading of your walking, running and biking. It offers you perfect training workout while it also allows you to develop your exercise plan and opt for audio coaching. With calorie count, pace, speed and mileage, this app also offers you the opportunity to note your heart rate with the help of its Polar Heart Rate Monitor feature. The app is also connected with music app and hence makes your workouts more enjoyable. This also offers running training plans devised by the renowned runners and trainers.


Strava tracker: Record running, cycling & swimming

Strava Track Running Cycling & Swimming - appspodcast

This free fitness activity tracker is packed with features and is a reliable support to develop a log of your workouts as well as draw map of our walking, running and biking trail. You can also set challenges for you and resolve to meet them. There is a whole community of runners, bikers and fitness lovers accessible through this wonderful app. You can develop and customize your own fitness plans taking help from the access tailored plans of this app.


Pedometer – Step Counter

Pedometer - Step Counter - appspodcast

This Pedometer app for Android counts all steps you have taken and also maintain a full of calories you have burnt and displays it as you finish your workout. It also tracks distance, walking time and your speed in each hour. It comes with the simplest interface. All you have to do is to push the start button and the app begins to take notes of your physical fitness activity. The app is also helpful to note the diet you are taking.


Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

Google Fit Health and Activity Tracking - appspodcast

Like other amazing features of Google, its fitness app is also astonishingly supportive to lead a physically smart and fresh life. This app offers you smartness plans, created after consultation with the most celebrated health organizations of the world like WHO and the American Heart Association (AHA). Google Fit allows you monitor all your workouts through your phone and watch. You can also connect it with other apps such as Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal and many others.



Lifelog - appspodcast

Supportive to track physical activities, workouts, sleep with details such as distance, time and speed! Lifelog is helpful for maintaining a holistic log of your workouts and routine life. It can track every single activity that is important for you and keep its record. You can move back and check what you did on a particular day. Lifelogis also helpful to follow your health goals and maintain excellent physical and mental wellbeing.


Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter - appspodcast

Along with counting steps and calories, this app has many other great features to ensure you a healthier and super active life. By not offering GPS facility, this app doesn’t consume battery power. You need only to push the start button and it starts tracking your steps. Its auto record feature liberates you from the hassle of keeping phone in your hand or attaching it with armband. The app can function even when the screen is locked. This app features easy options to start, pause or reset your activity plan.


Huawei Health

Huawei Health - appspodcast

Huawei Health ensures tremendous health benefits for you. It can track walking, running, cycling mode and gives you accurate report of your performance. It is also capable of noting the more intense activities like brisk walking and running. During all workouts, it especially records your heart rate. Huawei Health is the best Pedometer apps for Android to maintain sports and health activities log. To enjoy this app, you need to have Android 4.4.4 andRAM above 2G.


Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk - appspodcast

Walk with Map My Walk is packed with options to make your fitness journey successful. It features so many innovative tools to track your fitness schedule and record your performance in workouts. Take help from its state of the art fitness plans and coaching tips and customize them as per your own needs. This app can be easily connected with other apps and wearables. You can also get in touch with your friends and set performance competitions and challenges with them.


By this time you have certainly gained knowledge of the innovative features of these fantastic apps. Each feature they offer is unique and is of remarkable benefit to ensure physical fitness. They can work for you as physical trainer featuring the best fitness plans. Their remarkable features make them the most favorite apps in reviews and recommendations.

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