Top 10 Plant Identification Apps for Android & iOS

Top Plant Identification Apps for Android & iOS 2021 - Appspodcast

Plant kingdom provides us so many benefits. They add beauty to the planet, provide us food and oxygen and also are also used in a number of medicines. There are still more advantages of plants yet we hardly know their names even and we also have no idea what they are called. we have no idea about the family & how it grow.

So it could be an exhausted & time wasting task of plant identifications. The following collection of  Plant Identification Apps brings you an easy and instant solution to know plants, flowers and vegetation in your surroundings. Just download any of the following apps on your Android or iOS smartphone and identify plants, particularly when you are on hiking, walk or on a recreational tour in valleys and mountains.

Plant Identification Apps for Android & iOS

We have search out meaningful best plant identification apps for your android & IOS devices, to identify the flower, plants like plant family, peculiarities etc.


Plantifie‪r - Appspodcast

If you love for plants, flowers and vegetation, this fantastic app has a lot for you. Using its interface, you can know names and features of all plants in your surroundings. This app functions in collaboration forum where experts are available to share significant information on plants. You need only to upload a photo of a plant which interests you. Within a few seconds, you get response from many users. If the information serves you the best you can mark it for other users. It is the best reciprocal forum to know plant and flora.

PictureThis – Flowers&Plants Identification

PictureThis Identify Plant, Flower, Weed and More - Appspodcast

This application brings you fast information on all types of plants and flowers and works as a ready reference for you on plant life. It is the best source of authentic information which can help you answer the questions of your kids and help them know interesting facts about plant kingdom. The information provided on this app is comprehensive furnishes you with only the essential general knowledge and not lengthy articles that you find on the internet.

PlantSnap – Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees&More

PlantSnap - FREE plant identifier app - Appspodcast

PlantSnap is another best application to satisfy your curiosity about plants. This app has the support of the portal, a comprehensive informative platform about all information about Earth. If you are passionate about flora and want to know various kinds of mushrooms, vegetables, flowers and vegetation, this application can serve you the best. This app contains information about nearly half a million plants. Upload a snapshot and the app recognizes all plants with its ingeniously created algorithm.

What’s that flower?

Whats that flower - Appspodcast

This application has a different format to find out information about plants. It offers you to browse plants and get detailed information that is both accurate and comprehensive. You get to know variety of particular flower genre, its colors, region, external and internal features. The information also contains details of petals and stems, favorable climate. For more precise search, you have to subscribe for advanced features of this application.

Plant Identification Apps – iNaturalist

iNaturalist - Appspodcast

If the other Plant Identification Apps for Android & iOS on this collection help you search for plant information, this application allows you to share information with other people. Thus you develop a whole community of people having the similar taste and interest.

This app also allows you to join an exclusive group of 400 botanists to get knowledge on plant kingdom and read their important researches. On iNaturalist, you can also share your own findings and discuss it with well-qualified researchers and scientists.

PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet Plant Identification - Appspodcast

PlantNet can help you know all plants around you in your own garden parks, sidewalks and on places near your house. It would perhaps be the best source to know the plants distinctions that seem quite similar in appearance. This application is an amazing scientific project and contains expert information like that of botanist. It is the best support to study 20,000 different plants,ferns, spikes, flowers and petal sand mosses.


Plantix - your crop doctor - Appspodcast

Plantix is such a comprehensive source of plant knowledge that it can serve even to farmers and professional botanists. This rich informative is also worthwhile for common people who have interest in knowing the huge variety in plants,crops and weeds. Along with general information, you also have significant information on plant care, their diseases and cure, fertilizers that can help grow plants fast as well. This rich source of information will certainly inspire you.


Agrobase - weed, disease, insect - Appspodcast

The name of this application is enough to tell its significance. It contains a huge source of information on plant growth, their kinds, environment and all that can be helpful for their smooth development. This information on this is useful both for professional growers and laymen. Under various heading, information is categorized to plants, pests, pesticides, weeds and seasonal diseases of plants and their remedies. This application can serve for you a comprehensive encyclopedia of plant kingdom and care.

Flora Incognita

Flora Incognita - automated plant identification - Appspodcast

Flora Incognita boasts of a remarkably stunning interface which hosts a menu enriched with options. This application provides you worthwhile information on more than 4.5 thousand plants from different parts of the world which a layman can come across. To identify the plants, you simply need to upload an image of a plant or its flowers, stem or leaves and this intuitive app provides you all important information about that plant in no time. You will also have information on the plant’s origin,toxicity, protection status and lots more interesting facts.

Wild Edibles Forage

Wild Edibles - Appspodcast

To satisfy your passion for plants, this application is another fine option which can provide you remarkable knowledge on a massive range of plants. For its huge database, it can work for beginners, florists and naturalists alike and satisfy their quest for knowledge on plant world. Each searched plant is shown in 8 different images to give complete details of its look. It also gives you complete knowledge of its genre, region and essential care of a plant.

Going through the above list of Plant Identification Apps, you can understand how useful this collection could be to add to your knowledge. You can not only know the names of plants and flowers in your house but also of all those you see anywhere along with significant information on their growth and their peculiar characteristics. For their immense benefit, you can recommend these apps to your friends and family too.

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