Top 10 Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Android Try these Top Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Top 10 Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Android - Appspodcast

Apps enlarge your options in multiple ways and give you the real pleasure of using your Android device which is obviously not already loaded with so ma options. The following carefully chosen collection of 10 fantastic Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Android is the best proof of it after the Samsung Gear S2. Each of the apps here has its own unique features and a specific utility too to benefit you in many respects. From noting your heartbeat and pulse rate to enjoy music, know weather forecast and using easy navigation tools from your screen, they have lots of genuinely supports for you. Start trying the most needed one and enjoy the wonder they offer you!

Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Android Users

Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy - Appspodcast

Simple yet very supportive app which doesn’t require any sort of permission from any forum! The perfection is ideal and makes it enormously easier for you to know directions. This app is the best option for those who don’t want compass apps overloaded with unnecessary options. Best for 20s Samsung galaxy phone and is immensely supportive to calibrate your GPS tools.


GPS Tools® – Find, Measure, Navigate &Explore

GPS Tools - Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore - Appspodcast

This fine app is packed with all the GPS tools you ever need to navigate your destination while on road. It features a bundle of options such as location tagging, speedometer, altimeter and compass directions. Additionally, the app also comes with gps alarm, weather & forecast, distance and level meter. It doesn’t end here; the options with this app are more than what you can expect from an app of this sort.


Samsung Video Library

Samsung Video Library - Appspodcast

The app features a straightforward layout and several useful options which will make browsing videos and playing games easy for you. It is helpful to sort videos by order, search, zoom and tagging video files. The app remembers where you left your video and you can easily resume it by that moment. With this, the app also features several managing, sharing and editing options for users.


Music Player for Samsung Galaxy

Music Player for Samsung Galaxy - Appspodcast

This extraordinarily brilliant Music Player for Samsung Galaxy comes with features such as maintain albumsand folder structure for music files, smart playlists, speedy search, tag editing, gapless playback and a lot more. You have also the option of replacing background skins and the bigger surprise is that it is all free! You may subscribe for more advanced features such as equalizer, audio file formats like mp3, midi, wav and flac raw aac files.


Galaxy rainy lockscreen

Galaxy rainy lockscreen - Appspodcast

If you’ve got romantic and creative disposition, this app can provide you beautiful and stunning rainy wallpapers and themes for your lock screen. Choose from water drop live, falling rain, glass effect with rain and all these more with customized sound settings. Nowhere else you can find more dramatic and perfect decoration for your phone’s screen than with Galaxy rainy lockscreen. You have option to set pin password for security and personalize your device name as well as the owner’s name. There are tons of other options to make this app your favorite one.


ByssWeather for Wear OS

ByssWeather for Wear OS - Appspodcast

Everyone is touchy about weather changes and this fantastic app keeps you all the time updated about weather. The app is more of a scientific meteorological instrument which offers you lots of options and displays weather changes on nine different faces. It features two fantastic radar maps, satellite weather pictures and 24h forecast with temperature. There are distinct digital and analog measurements. The other alluring features of this app include stylish LCD, Meteogram Watch Face and beautiful forecast face.


Heart Rate Plus – Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Plus - Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor - Appspodcast

This innovative app is extremely useful to maintain your health as it helps you get the most significant information about our heart beat and pulse rate. Those who have cardiovascular issues will find this app immensely supportive to know the health of their hearts any time they like. If you do physical workouts such as exercise, walking, jogging, running or cycling, the app will again be helpful to note heartbeat and set your physical exertion accordingly. The readings can be saved and can also be checked on your Smartwatch.


Gear S Plugin

Gear S Plugin - Appspodcast

To run this app, you need to install first Samsung Gear Application and then seek permission from Android Settings. Once installed, the app provides you many useful options such as search for devices around you; receive and share files with Gear, update apps and access and download more supportive plug-ins. Gear S Plugin can also be synchronized with Gear to get calendar and linking contacts. It can also help scan QR code too to activate Gear’s SIM card.


Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder - Appspodcast

It is the best app for Smartphones and Android Wear watches that is meant to record whatever conversations and lectures you want. It comes with simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can customize the sound quality as per your needs using options such as echo suppression and noise filtering. The app also allows you to save the recordings in Dropbox & Google drive. The app can continue recording if you turn off its display. Thus it would be the best supportive app to enable invisible recording.


PhotoWear Photo Watch FacePhotoWear Photo Watch Face - Appspodcast

Everyone has sweet memories captured and preserved with the eye of camera. PhotoWear™ the best compatible app with Android Wear OS watches, Gear S3, Sport, and Galaxy. The app is packed with smartest and amazing features! You can keep your 9 best photos in your Smartwatch of your loved one or of a trip. Watch them whenever you like or share with friendsfrom your watch face. It is supportive for cropping photos and enhancing their quality applying photo filters.


Most of the above apps are free for you. And if you want more specialized features, you have to subscribe only a little amount and enjoy unlimited utility. The best part of these apps is that they are already in use of a huge majority of people and have received the best appreciative comments by them. This is the sole reason that these apps have found place in this collection of exclusive Samsung Gear S3 Apps for Android.

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