Top 10 Speedometer Apps for Android

Top 10 Speedometer Apps for Android -

Speedometers measure speed. Gone are the days when we used them in gadget form. With the advancement of technology, they are now available in apps that are instantly downloadable and are easy to use. They not only make your driving safer and easier but also helpful in doing exercises as well as walking and jogging. Here you can find numerous options in speedometer apps for your Android that can certainly cater to your specific needs.

Radarbot Free: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer

Radarbot Free Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer - Appspodcast

Radarbot is an amazing speedometer app that ensures your safety on road by providing you with accurate and instant alerts. This speedometer boasts real-time traffic warnings, traffic signals and traffic jams on your route. It functions by combining high speed camera with the GPS to derive its results and guide you on the road to reach your destination safely. Radarbot being a legal speedometer is absolutely safe to be used. This app is updated daily to ensure the precision of its functionality.

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter -

This intelligent speedometer app has multiple utilities. You can measure your movement speed whether driving a car, bike or even simply walking or jogging. This app also warns you by ringing the alarm, if you perchance cross the speed limit. It constantly keeps you updated on the distance you have traveled, therefore, greatly supportive particularly for walking and jogging. GPS Speedometer comes with options to measure speed in km / h or mph mode

GPS Tools® – Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore

GPS Tools - Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore - Appspodcast

GPS Tools is a great option in speedometer apps that offers you all possible features of speedometers at one place. Having this app on your Android, there is no fear of getting struck on the road. The app comes with altimeter, compass directions, GPS alarm, weather & forecast features. IT also offers location tagging, distance measuring area finder and GPS time. You can move effortlessly to your destination without facing any impediment. The best part is that it does not cast any burden on you’re the device’s battery.

DigiHUD Speedometer<,/h2>

DigiHUD Speedometer - Appspodcast

This speedometer app distinguishes itself by offering you ad-free experience of using speedometer and makes your driving easier and safer. It is GPS based digital app for Android that helps you know accurate speed and distance information on your way to your destination. With this innovative app on your Android phone, you need not to depend on your vehicle speedometer.

Speed Gun

Speed Gun - Appspodcast

Here is another innovative speedometer option that is designed to measure the speed of a moving object. It offers you a unique set of features such as Smart Distance, Smart Measure, and Maps. With the help of this speedometer, you can easily measure the shortest distances and get accurate and instant results. All the options on this speedometer are user-friendly. It comes with speed calibration feature that helps you obtain perfect results. If you want an ad free version, opt for Smart Distance Pro.

GPS Speedometer – Trip Meter – Odometer

GPS Speedometer - Trip Meter - Odometer - Appspodcast

GPS Speedometer app comes with an alluring premium design and typography and offers you a range of options in speedometer. You have a comprehensive speedometer that measures speed precisely and display exact results. This app can also be used a speed tracker for biking and running. It also sends you speed alerts if you are about to cross speed limits. This wonderful app also boasts altitude meter and altimeter.

Speedometers & Sounds of Supercars

Speedometers & Sounds of Supercars - Appspodcast

This app is particularly enticing for those who love to ride new and luxury cars. The app expands their options, giving them the opportunity to use speedometers from the most popular super cars. All the simulations are carefully designed including the minutest details of ultra-luxury cars and giving you a virtual inside world of your favorite car on your Android device. You can not only use speedometers of the most expensive luxurious vehicles such as Audi RB, BMW M5, Chevrolet Camaro, Tesla Model S but also listen to their engine sounds. In all respects, it an excellent and inspiring speedometer app.

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer -Appspodcast

Ulysse Speedometer excels in performance for providing you with the information on speed, direction and time and makes your traveling easier and safer. It performs its functions employing an advanced GPS system which turns this app into a cutting-edge high-precision GPS* Speedometer. It introduces you to a number of exciting features that makes it workable with all types of vehicles as well as with bike, velo, walking, skiing. For its advanced features, this app is counted among the top ten speedometer apps.

Speedometer GPS

Speedometer GPS - Appspodcast

This Speedometer GPS app also has wonderful option to assist you on your track providing you with significant information on speed,distance, time and location.You can also know start time,time elapsed and what was your average speed during driving. The app also gives you alerts when you are about to cross the speed limit on the road. The app displays information in speed chart showing speed inmph,km/h,knot. You can use this app as bicycle odometer too.

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView GPS Speedometer - Appspodcast

This is the smartest and an advanced speedometer app in this collection that offers you unique bunch of intelligently devised features. You will find it an all-inclusive app that has all those features that you love to see in a speedometer app. It uses your Android device’s phone’s built-in GPS system to draw results of speed and distance measurement. Speed is shown in the form of graph, showing the details of last few minutes. The app is also helpful to know direction, total distance, and time traveled. The other smart features of this app include linear compass, HUD mode, GPX track export and Background mode.

This unique bunch of apps provides you the best opportunity to select a perfect speedometer app for your Android device without wasting time on surfing for them by yourself. Appspodcast collection contains nearly all possible smart options that have the best rating for their excellent performance, precision and accurate results. Certainly, this set of Speedometer Apps for Android will serve you the best.

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