Top 10 Text to Speech Apps for Android

Top 10 text to speech apps for android - appspodcast

Text to speech apps were originally introduced for people having visual impairment. But with the passage of time, these apps were used even by normal people for multiple purposes. Today these apps are in fashion to listen to eBooks, newspapers and important messages particularly while you are busy with other things or driving. This repertoire brings to you a range of excellent Text to Speech Apps for Android that will add to your convenience and will save your eyes from getting more tired in reading after a daylong hectic work in office.

Top Text to Speech Apps for Android

Google Text-to-Speech

Google Text-to-Speech -Appspodcast

Google Text-to-Speech offers you the smartest pack of applications that are meant to read aloud books for you; speak translations in several international languages and utter pronunciations of difficult words. With all this variety of innovative options, this app is easy to use and is instantly downloadable.

Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

Talk FREE - Text to Voice - Read aloud - Appspodcast


This intelligent app is not only useful for typed script from your phone memory but also capable of reading the web pages for you. The interface offers options to play, stop or pause the audio whenever you like. You can share and export all audio files in WAV format effortlessly. You can select from a range of international languages for text reading. This app is an excellent option to read aloud news and books for people having speech or vision impairment.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Text to Speech (TTS) - Appspocast


Text to Speech (TTS) is another great option in this repertoire of top Text to Speech Apps for Android. It allows you a number of settings to create your required audio file and save it on your desired location in wav file format. You have also the option to opt for a variety of languages. This app is compatible with HTTP server mode and thus allows you to link with an extensive range of applications with it.

AlReader -any text book reader

AlReader -any text book reader - Appspodcast

This powerful app is curated to read fiction books for you. Make sure you Android 1.6 version to enjoy this app. AlReaderis capable of reading a number for formats and is also compatible with ZIP and GZ archives. While you are listening to your favorite texts, you can also attend calls and the text resumes from the very point, where it was paused.

Text to Speech (TTS) – Text Reader & Converter

Text to Speech (TTS) - Text Reader & Converter - Appspodcast

This app is decidedly the easiest to use voice converter that boasts multiple options. You have option to type and listen to the typed text in eleven different international languages. It also allows to copy and paste text and let the app read it for you. You can save the audio files and use them as voice over on any video and can create your own little documentary. Text to Speech (TTS) also allows you to adjust volume and reading speed.

Tell Me – Text To Speech

Tell Me - Text To Speech - Appspodcast

Tell Me – Text To Speech is one of those comprehensive options on this list that feature a variety of tools for you. The interface of this classic app provides you the opportunity to adjust volume and pitch of the reader’s voice using the side bars. Moreover, you can also customize colors and opt for different accents and speaking styles. You can also select notification sound, ringtone and even your alarm with the created voice message file.

Text to Speech (TTS) – Your text to speech app

Text to Speech (TTS) - Your text to speech app - Appspodcast

Life is full of even and odds. There are certain moments in life when you feel yourself speechless and are unable to say your mind before certain people. However, these moments demand your words. This intelligent app provides you great help to honorably deliver your message to anyone. You need only to type your message and let the app work for you, uttering each single world, chosen by you.

Text to Speech (MP3 download)

Text to Speech (MP3 download) - Appspodcast

This text to speech app is not only a fine option to use your Android device to read for you but it also provides you the opportunity to create and share MP3 files with people anywhere in the world. You can thus save your entire document in soft and clearly audible voice. The app is especially helpful for those who have problem is reading a text by themselves or develop important voice messages.

Text To Speech Reader

Text To Speech Reader - Appspodcast

This user-friendly app can instantly convert text to voice. You need simply to press the ‘speak’ option and the next moment you can listen to all words and sentences you have scribed. This app can help you learn and practice a new language. Moreover, this app is also exceedingly helpful for composing flawless documents as you can use the app to recite what you have written and spot error and omissions and correct them. Text To Speech Reader offers multiple options in voices and it is designed to read documents in numerous international languages.

Text to Speech Speak4Me

Text to Speech Speak4Me - Appspodcast

This wonderful app infuses life to all sorts of typed contents and you can listen to themlying in your couch or doing other important things. You don’t need to fix your eyes on the text. It is just like taking a lecture or listening radio. This app is also helpful for cutting jokes and playing pranks with friends to make them laugh. With the help of this app, you can train your phone to say whatever you like. You can also share the audio with friends and family members.

This set of top speech apps for Android will prove the best help for you. It contains only those apps that are approved for their excellent functionality from a majority of people from all over the world. Thus it saves your time and gets you to those fine apps that you actually wish to have on your Android device. Give a try to any one of them and you will never regret your decision.

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