Top 10 Universal Remote Apps for Android

Top 10 Universal Remote Apps for Android

Technology promises comfort. If you cast a look around, you a hundreds of such instances that have made our lives more comfortable due to technological progress in the modern times. Here we have brought for you one such example that makes you master of your home appliances, TVs, projectors, Air Conditioners, DVD players and many other smart devices. This is a choosy set of Universal Remote Apps for Android that liberates you from the fear of losing your TV or any device’s remote controller. Having any of these apps on your Android, you have total freedom to operate your devices even from a distance.

Top Universal Remote Apps for Android

Remote Control for TV

Remote Control for TV - Appspodcast

Having this smart controller on your Android device, you are altogether free from the hassle of caring for your TV remote controller. Losing TV remote controller or breaking it down is quite usual occurrence in houses. But now you need not to get embarrassed if anything like this happens with you. Simply download Universal remote app on any of your Android device and control all your TVs. This universal tv remote app is capable of running 220,000 home theater devices. Just make sure your device has built-in IR transmitter, if doesn’t have that, use external infrared to control the TV.

Mi Remote controller – for TV, STB, AC and more

Mi Remote controller - for TV, STB, AC and more - Appspodcast

Mi Remote controller is compatible with an extensive range of devices as well as electric appliances. It makes your Android device the master controller of all devices at home such as TV, AC, DVD player, projector, camera, etc. It liberates you from the tension of keeping individual controllers with you. The best part is that this universal remote app allows you all those options which your devices feature. Watch your favorite channels, change them faster and above all watch shows on your Android device.

SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

SURE - Smart Home and TV Universal Remote - Appspodcast

SURE is an out of the box Universal remote app that turns your dwelling into a smart home, loaded with convenience and style. For its excellent features and functionality, SURE has won a series of awards. This app empowers you to run smart TV, media streamer, smart lights, and air conditioner from one spot. It also enables to share images and videos to all smart devices. For legacy devices, use Infra-Red (IR) and enjoy all smart features of SURE remote controller. The app also allows you to operate devices with the power of your voice. You can download free universal remote from google play store on single click.

Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control - Appspodcast

Universal TV Remote Control is packed with amazing features to comfort you. Just attach your Android device and Smart TVs with the same WiFi network and enjoy unlimited fun. To get this universal tv remote app functional on IR TVs, you need to make sure that your phone has built-in Infrared (IR) feature. Universal TV Remote Control is also supportive to run media file from your Android device on Smart TV screen.This remote control app also features Voice Search, Mouse Navigation and Easy Keyboard and Up / Down / Left / Right Navigation.

Remote for Samsung TV

Remote for Samsung TV - Appspodcast

This free universal remote app brings life at the tips of your fingers. To begin with this app, you need to put your phone and TV on the same wireless network. Now you can operate your TV from distance. This universal remote app for android lets you enjoy all the features of your actual remote rather far more than that. It boasts an enticing design and seamless unrestricted functionality that gives you an absolute control of your smart device.

Remote AC Universal

Remote AC Universal - Appspodcast

This universal Ac remote app is designed exclusively for controlling all types of air conditioners. It is perfectly compatible with a substantial range of ACs brands. You can operate 20 air conditioning indoor units attaching them with your mobile and enjoy an entire control of AC operating mode, low very high. You can set up your room temperature according to your preference.

Remote Control for All TV

Remote Control for All TV - Appspodcast

This is the best universal remote app for Android turns your phone into a universal remote controller for all television sets as well as and the Top boxes for all devices. You can instantly download free universal remote and attach all your devices through wireless internet. You receive regular updates to keep this universal TV remote to be compatible with the latest TV sets. It is equally compatible with other electronic devices and is workable offline too.

Smart TV Remote

Smart TV Remote - Appspodcast

For its multiple smart features, this universal remote app for android will certainly grab your attention. Its more than 23 million downloads are enough to provide evidence on its excellent functionality. It allows you complete control on your smart TV features. The impressive interface hosts several widgets, a Smart Action Bar and option to pass commands using your voice! There are language options as well that makes this app really interactive and easy to use for people around the world.

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote - Appspodcast

This app is compatible with multiple Android devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, HUAWEI, OPPO, Lenovo, HTC and TCL. Once the app is successfully installed, it allows you to operate TV, air conditioners, projector, DVD and even you remote control fans, SLR, lamps etc. The app comes with a special remote control accessory, if your Android device doesn’t have a built-in infrared. The proof of its best functionality is that it is currently in use by over 50 Million people around the world.

Remote for LG TV

Remote for LG TV - Appspodcast

It is among the best Universal Remote Apps, that is particularly curated for LG smart television. With this exclusiveness, the app is perfectly compatible with all the option of LG smart TV and replaces the need of having a remote. It is workable when you attach your Android device on WiFi or Ethernet network. There are only a few easy steps to install the app and take absolute control of your TV within the range of your WiFi network.

This ensemble of Universal Remote Apps for Android is meant to add to your convenience. No need to buy a new remote if your device’s remote loses its buttons or goes out of order. Similarly, you need not to be cautious to collect and store all the remotes at one place. Universal Remote Apps for android in this collection are workable with all the smart devices you have at home. For legacy devices use infrared and operate them with the same facility. There are special sharing options by appspodcast on these universal remotes that allow you to shift media files on TV screen and enjoy your favorite shows and music.

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