Top 10 Watermark Apps To Protect Your Online Photos & Videos

Taking an ideal image with your android is a herculean task, therefore, it requires being skillful to have an amazing click. Eye candy camera filter is the best way to create masterpiece and capture precious moments in camera. If you have to post photos or videos online, you would have to save your content from stealing. Once you get a perfect click and your worry is to secure your photos and videos because you don’t want your content to be copied and posted by anyone before you.

There could be several ways to protect your data like you can add logo or some text and have strong online presence.  By adding some sort of text as watermark on your stuff, not only protect your photos, videos but also doing promotion at the same time.

List of Top Watermark apps

Here are the ten topmost watermark apps for android users to secure your images, edit videos with a few clicks from being theft. With these watermark apps, you sell your images online or publish them.

Watermark Photo – Add Watermark & Watermark Maker

Watermark Photo - Add Watermark & Watermark Maker - appspodcastNow it is easy to private your photos and keeps the credit of the photos to you. Watermark Photos app is one of the best apps to add Watermarks and Watermark marker to the photos. Watermark Photos app that has the necessary features to highlight your photos with a watermark. Here you can set the watermark of logos, copyrighted icons, and many different designs. Custom your watermark, transparent background, creates a perfect watermark by using its fonts and share without fear.

Video WaterMark

Video WaterMark - AppspodcastVideo Watermark is a great watermark app that secures your videos on social media to be copied. You can add text or images from your gallery to watermark your videos and even you can develop your own images and text for a watermark. These days, however, it is important to watermark mark your videos if you are a professional or a businessman even for your personal use.This is a beneficial watermark app where you can adjust the position, color, and opacity of text watermark and image watermark.

Watermark on Photo

Watermark On Photo - AppspodcastWatermark is act of protection of your photos, when you share them online. Watermark app provides you copyright protection. “Watermark on Photo” is surprisingly a great application for you to create and add a watermark to your photos. You can create various watermarks like generic text, specific text, any image, and logo easily to copyright your photos. In this photo watermark app adjust your image or text size and position, and its color anywhere easily.

Watermark – Add Text , Photo, Logo, Signature

Watermark - Add text, photo, logo, signature - AppspodcastThe easiest Photo Watermark app to add text, logos, or imagesto photos and you can also crop. You can also resize photos add stickers on photos and create a signature.It is, however, quickly allow you to create multiple layers for photos, watermark logo, and text boxes with many fonts. Using this app you can protect and brand your photos and image for sharing online. You can also add timestamps, hash-tags, and any text for watermark so, download today.

Video Watermark – Add Text, Logo on Photo & Video

Video Watermark - Add text, logo on photo & video - AppspodcastThis is the age of social network websites for business and professional work.Everything from education to buying a tablet is selling online and almost everybody is using social networks. It is, therefore, you need to protect your content of pictures and videos. Video Watermark is prominent in providing protection to your photos and videos and popular due to some highlights. Crop image by keeping the quality of the image, upload your own logo to your photos and videos, and it supports jpg, png, gif, and mp4.

Add Watermark on Photos

Add Watermark on Photos - AppspodcastThe need for this tremendous app arises when we want to protect our photos on the internet. It makes your photos subject to copyright in order to save them to be theft. It is, however, helpful to create and apply a customizable watermark with your mobile. Some of the most important features are batch processing, preview and adjust, custom text watermarks, and watermark pattern. Even you can use your company’s logo or create a new one with copyright symbols, and pixel position, and quality.

Watermark- Watermark Maker | Watermark Photo

Watermark - Watermark Maker Watermark Photo - AppspodcastWith this app, not only you can watermark your photos but also make a watermark or a logo for you. There are many fonts available for adding the text of your choice to your photos and crop your photos for any social media. Tell people who you are by branding your photos and protecting your photos is no more difficult. It can automatically add a unique watermark to your photos. So, easily add the logo and brand to your photos you want.

Photo Watermark

Watermark - Watermark Maker Watermark Photo - AppspodcastAdd a digital watermark to your photos and protect them to be copied by anyone. It is also easy to share photos after creating and adding a watermark as you like. Take pictures, set fonts, color, and different effects, there are many texts and png stickers to set as a watermark. However, you can easily change the transparency of the watermark and it is easy to move, rotate, and reverse it as you like. Moreover, it is easy to use and edit the recent watermark texts and share them quickly to any social media place.

Add Your Own Logo, Watermark, and Text to Photos

Add your own logo, watermark, and text to photos - AppspodcastAdd your own logo, watermark, and text to your photos easily and it supports png, gif, and jpg logo files. It is easy to create templates and save their set of logo and text for use again. Exif data embedded, change logo transparency for watermark, add own text and change the color. It contains a huge list for choosing a right font size for your text,rename your images, and even add multiple logos. It also gives you an easy access to your saved logos and possible to share quickly.

Add Watermark Free

Add Watermark Free - AppspodcastThis is the last in this list and the best app to add watermark to your photos. As its name says, add watermark free, in fact, its features are remarkable for adding watermark to photos. It already offers up to 70 built-in fonts and stickers for adding to your photos and save your templates for using next time. You can also create and add logos and save them in a transparent format.

The above list of ten top watermark apps for android is helpful to protect your content of HD photos and videos. However, these apps not just add watermark but also you can add logo to your pictures. Select the right app for you and brand yourself while using their features. Download this app today and create amazing watermarks.

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