Top Android Wear Watch Faces Apps of 2020

Top Watch Faces Apps for Android - Appspodcast

Every one of us likes individuality. The digital technology along with comforting you with so any innovative tools and applications has also introduced apps that aim at imparting to pronounce your individuality. This collection of watch faces apps is the best example of it that allows you to choose from a massive range of designs, colors, skins, hands and many more eye-grabbing options to make your Android Watch, Gear S2/S3/Galaxy look exclusive and stunningly unique.

Top Android Wear Watch Faces Apps

Watch Faces – WatchMaker 100,000 Faces

Watch Faces - WatchMaker 100,000 Faces - appspodcast

This app comes with a great collection of over 100,000 watch faces for your Wear OS, Tizen for Samsung Galaxy Watches. Get a new look for your watch every day with a considerable variety of options to personalize your Android Watch. Customize the watch faces with watch hands, themes, colors, or adding your own image in the background. You can also place animated GIFs and to make the watch more stunning or add an amazing parallax effect with 3d Gyroscope. This app is also supportive to save batter power and comes with weather, calendar, stopwatch and multiple time zone features.

Facer Watch Faces

Facer Watch Faces - Appspodcast

This intelligent watch faces app for Android Wear & Tizen smartwatches provides you with 100,000 glam options to decorate your watch. There are many innovative features for you like watch hands, weather icons, fonts, Step Counter, Time and Date layouts. It is also immensely supportive to save battery. Most of the faces are available free but you have to subscribe for advance and premium quality watch faces. This app also allows you to customize and develop your watch faces and share them with the community of face watch lovers.

Wear OS Center – Android Wear Apps, Games & News

Wear OS Center - Android Wear Apps, Games & News - Appspodcast

This app opens a world of android wear apps, games, news & watchfaces for you. It is the one spot solution to resolve your tensions of searching for watch faces and apps individually. It features an easy to use interface which encases top-rated and the latest designs and also helps you by recommending new apps, games and watch faces which are categorized separately to make your selection easier. Wear OS is compatible with Huawei, Moto, Asus, LG, Samsung and Sony Smart watch.

ByssWeather for Wear OS

ByssWeather for Wear OS - Appspodcast

ByssWeather for Wear OS is an interactive app for those who want to be updated of weather forecasts. It displays weather information blending maps of two radars that contains satellite and infrared updates. You have round the clock information on temperature rise and fall, rain, storm and snow. It features nine eye-grabbing watch face and lots of options to display information on weather. It boasts a premium quality trendy LCD, an impressive Meteogram and analog watch face.

PhotoWear Photo Watch Face

PhotoWear Photo Watch Face - Appspodcast

PhotoWear can help you personalize your Smartwatch by adding your best photos in the background. You can select any nine photos of your own, family, kids or images of your latest trip and let them display on your watch.It also provides you photo filters to enhance the quality of photos and make them look stunning. This app is designed for Android Wear OS watches. It is also compatible with some of the Samsung watches such as Gear S3, Sport, and Galaxy. There are a few older versions of smart watches where this app can also work like Android Wear OS 1.X, Asus Zenwatch, LGE G Watch, Samsung Gear Live etc.

Watch Face App MR TIME

Watch Face App MR TIME - Appspodcast

There is hardly any other watch faces app that gives you such an immense range of innovative, stylish and unique watch faces as does Mr. Time. With its 80, 00,000 plus collection, you have a new watch face for each day and for all special occasions. It boasts also watch faces of brands like DUCATI, Shiro & Maro! However, only 400 watch faces are free, fir the rest you need to subscribe. It also imparts you variety of background wallpapers.

Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS

Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS - Appspodcast

If you still want to see more options for gorgeous watch faces, try this inspiring app which takes a lead in introducing unique and highly customizable Digital watch face. The entire collection is over 30.000 and multiple new features to personalize the faces that will certainly help you unleash your creativity. There are tons of background options, famous (Animated!) little worlds, attractive designs, colors and easy to operate settings. Watch Face also helps you save and share your presets.

Wear Face Collection

Wear Face Collection - Appspodcast

Though you may not find this app compatible with many smart watches yet its performance will certainly inspire you. It is designed especially for Samsung Galaxy wear, LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360, LG R watch, Asus Zen-watch and Sony Smartwatch 3. It features 90 classic themes and superb and elegant watch faces. You can also get weather forecast dual times and date. Wear Face collection also ensures lesser battery consumption.

Skymaster Pilot Watch Face

Skymaster Pilot Watch Face - Appspodcast

This app has been designed to impart you a great experience of wearing a real-time pilot watch.In the past, such aeronautic watches were the necessary part of pilots’ gear for their accurate and reliable results. It comes with date, time, weather condition and forecast. This classic design offers you the digital functionality of a Smartwatch allowing to customize features as per you likeness.


AmazFaces - Appspodcast

AmazFaces can safely be the most extensive hub of elegant watch faces. This app is compatible with a variety of Smart Watches like AmazfitBip, Cor, Pace, Stratos, Verge, Verge Lite, GTR, GTS, T-Rex and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 etc. Go through its massive collection and select the most inspiring and save them to be used whenever you like. To ease your searching, the app features catalogues and search tags.

Apps podcast ‘s collection of Watch Faces Apps for Android will certainly help you to find out the best application for your smart watch. These apps offer a huge variety of designs which can accommodate all taste easily. They also allow you to customize watch faces and personalize them with your preferred backgrounds, widgets, colors, time, date and weather forecast display.

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