Top AudioBooks Apps Tor Your Android Devices

Top AudioBooks Apps Tor Your Android Devices in 2021 - Appspodcast

In Modern age reading books is consider the most monotonous act when we compare to audio books. In the past people loves to read book, dictionary and books are also translate in the native language from other languages. Now new generation are you in search of top audiobooks apps, because almost every one has access to android devices. Since a few years audio books are getting more well-liked day by day. All this is on account of an easy accessibility ever. They make you listen to books any time or at any place and the audiobooks give compensation over regular reading instead of reading. Therefore, the audiobooks are admired among the readers.


Audible: Listen to the Audiobook & Podcast library

Audible audiobooks, podcasts & audio stories - Appspodcast

Listen to the audiobook & podcasts library is an app with a free trial of 30 days listen for yourself. This is the most popular app among the people who interested in listening to the audiobooks. Audible has brought storytelling to life that never happened so far. Just download and listen to thousands of books as well as podcasts with fiction, sci-fi and biographies, kids books, and self help anywhere, anytime. The audiobooks and podcasts engage your mind by telling stories and give a chance to learn something new.

Scribd: Audiobooks &ebooks

Scribd Audiobooks & ebooks - Appspodcast

Come to and download this free scribd app for getting start today. It is such a platform where millions of readers have turned this audiobooks &ebooksscribd app. it contains a lot of audiobooks, books, magazine articles, sheet music, and many others. We have offered the best books and audiobooks your easy access. You can cancel anytime your free signed up account. So, without wasting time start reading or listening to the audiobooks right now because it offers unlimited audiobooks, sheet music selection, articles from different magazine and people, and an unlimited access to the world’s largest document library.


OverDrive - Appspodcast

You are on your way or home bound or on a road trip? Want to listen your favorite audiobooks, Overdrive is the perfect app for the reader. While using OverDrive, you can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming video and have as easy access as you have to your pocket. This android app has the library for you 24/7 and no more late fees. In this app, you are able to hold place, create wish lists, and have titles easily.

Storytel: Audiobooks and Ebooks

Storytel Audiobooks and Ebooks - Appspodcast

Storytel is the app for you android that upgrades your reading experience with its popular features. Using this app you can download in advance and stream on the go, easily switch between listening and reading and even you can adjust the listening speed. It has other functions like sleep function, set your own books mark, share the books of your choice and also let your kids to search for the children’s books.

Smart AudioBook Player

Smart AudioBook Player - Appspodcast

Smart AudioBook Player is the most stable, complete and an app that is rich in features. This is a stunning audio book player for your android to play the saved books. This app is particularly designed for playing audio books, assumed that you have downloaded any audio book and Smart AudioBook Player will be the best choice for playing the audiobook. It gives you the first 30 days free and it has no ads, playback history, it pauses automatically when you fall asleep, application widget, classification of books, and have chromecast support.

Free Audio Books, Stories, Podcast, Gita – KuKu FM

Kuku FM - Audio Books, Stories, Podcasts and Gita - Appspodcast

A fantastic app that you have been looking for and after using this app, it will appeal you the most. It has different catagories like hindi audiobooks, hindi podcasts, audio stories, religion and spirituality, course, and comedy. KuKu FM include the following features of free unlimited downloads, a personalized recommendation, new audio books added every day, audio news in Hindi, even you can create a list of audio books of your choice. It also contains the latest current affairs news and offers what you love to listen.


Listen - Appspodcast

Here, in this app, you can listen  and evaluate the fragments of a books before buying it full because it contains a long list of free samples in Google Play. LitRes: Listen! Is the app that gives you an easy way to choose and listen to the audio books because it provides access to a number of audio books from the newly released to the classic released.It also gives these features; you can have idea about an audiobook through the free samples, has detailed book descriptions and a background audio book play, offline playback, author’s biography etc.

50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks

50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks - Appspodcast

This terrific app is very simple and easy to use with tons of remarkable features. It is offering top categories, most popular authors, most popular books, Hindi language is available, and Hindi authors as well. You can read English and Hindi books and stories and discover the great classics and famous authors, read imported books in it, easy to use anywhere, can personalize the reading experience, and able to share ebook files to other friends.

Blinkist – Nonfiction Books & Audio

Blinkist - Nonfiction Books Audio - Appspodcast

Blinkist is a good app that helps in boosting your information and it makes you a better, smarter to find out new perspective. This superb app is a great service with lots to offer you from its collection of great books out of which you can have the gist quickly in both text as well as audio formats. It includes such features that the browser version lacks. You can listen to audio, podcast insights, read and highlight, 28 categories, books recommended, offline mode, kindle integration, and evernote integration.

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks

Beelinguapp Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks - Appspodcast

To master some of the languages like Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, this language is the best option. Beelinguapp is free language learning app that offers language learning audio books and makes you learn with fun. This app has made language learning easy, has audio book reader, and has great stories in different languages that help to learn new languages free and masterly.

Audiobooks apps for android have become the most useful and an easy way of learning or listening a book or story. These apps have turned your favorite books to your pocket and mostly they are welcomed by the avid readers. Just by downloading your favorite audiobook to your android and play in these apps and listen then wherever you are.

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