Top Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android

Top Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android - Appspodcast

Many people want to give their Android phone screens a stunning look. They use innovatively drawn live wallpapers, funny images, intricate graphics and nature scenes etc. However, nothing can be more interesting and unique as the broken screen prank apps for Android could be. These superbly curated cracked screen prank apps boast both fun and surprise with a realistic touch of breaking glass sound and several cracks that appear instantly when the phone screen is touched. This will certainly be the funniest trick to make your friends happy with a pleasant surprise. Data experts of collected following top rated broken screen prank apps for you after handsome research. So you can choose one of following filtered cracked screen prank apps easily.

Top Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android

Here is the list of Top Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android

Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank - Appspodcast

Probably you have never imagined that a broken screen phone app can give a broken screen effect to your phone but to your surprise, it is very much possible. Try this innovative broken screen phone app and give a shock to the people around. Broken phone screen prank doesn’t harm to your phone screen but it will create screen breaking sound and a realistic impact on your phone screen. It will certainly grab attention of everyone and will make them laugh when they come to know the reality. Many people will appreciate this amazing surprise.

Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper (Simulation)

Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper (Simulation) - Appspodcast

This unique broken screen prank wallpaper app brings you a fantastic cracked screen live wallpaper to give your phone a dramatic impact just by touching the screen. Play tricks with our friends and provide them with fun and laughters. This broken screen prank wallpaper app also brings you options to develop your own wallpapers using this intelligent app. Use your own photos by using the app’s custom photo feature. It is absolutely safe and will not harm you phone.

Broken Glass live wallpaper & prank app

Broken Glass live wallpaper & prank app - Appspodcast

This broken screen effect prank app provides you with two superb options simultaneously. You have cracked screen live wallpaper as well as multiple prank features.There are four cracked screen wallpapers for you to choose from on alternate days. The broken screen prank wallpaper app also provides you with blank background to create your own similar wallpapers by choosing the types and sizes of cracks. Once you set your favorite wallpaper, it will show cracks the moment you touch the phone screen. If you simply double click a crack, it will disappear instantly. To cut joke with friends, you can set the cracked screen option on the broken screen phone app. Now ask a friend to touch the phone screen, it will give a sound of the breaking glass with several cracks on the screen.

Real Broken Screen Prank

Real Broken Screen Prank - Appspodcast

This fine broken screen effect prank app is meant to deliver the real fun of broken screen prank and make your friends. There are four different breaking glass effects with several unique options to use them. You can set the screen on touch, shake or on a specific time to be broken with a realistic sound. The screen breaking effect is so perfect that nobody can avoid the embarrassment. Once you have played your prank, just return to broken screen phone app and the screen is repaired automatically.

Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen Prank - Appspodcast

Crack Your Screen Prank offers you lifelike broken screen image and befool anyone who touches the phone screen. This broken screen effect prank app provides you three distinct options to show off broken screen. You can set your phone on cracks on shake, touch or on auto crack timer. There is no effect on phone of the broken screen image and you still continue to use the phone as per your requirement. Once the screen appears cracked, gently shake the phone and it will again be clear of cracks.

Fake Broken Screen

Fake Broken Screen - Appspodcast

Fake Broken Screen is another fine option on this ensemble to play pranks on family and friends and give them a remarkably entertaining new experience to delight with. The broken screen effect of this app is so perfect that they can never think of it just a simulation. The make-believe impact of screen breaking comes from a real breaking glass sound and from the appearance of several cracks just like a real-life situation.

4K Realistic Broken Screen Wallpaper

4K Realistic Broken Screen Wallpaper - Appspodcast

This unique app provides you with 4K quality images that are absolutely realistic and life like. It is almost impossible to guess that this is just a fake cracking and not actual one. The broken screen 3D images are so real that they will easily dupe anyone and believe that they have broken the screen by touching it. The broken screen sounds of this app complement the glass breaking effect illusion perfect. The app also provides you multiple wallpapers and allows you sharing on social media.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank - Appspodcast

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank excels in its functionality than all its competitors. The funny broken phone screen prank app is designed to create an impact of an explosion that breaks the phone screen into pieces. The simulation is dramatized more with bursting sound of explosion. You have options to set the broken screen effect prank app on clock bomb or digital time bomb.

3D Broken Screen Ocean Live Wallpaper

3D Broken Glass Live Wallpaper - Appspodcast

If you are sick of traditional wallpapers, give a try to this broken phone screen prank app for Android which provides you fantastically curated 3D wallpapers to display a broken screen with multiple cracks. Each of the wallpapers is vividly drawn and gives a realistic look. They can make your phone screen stunning and alluring. The part broken screen effect prank of this app is that it brings you hundreds of enticing wallpapers to be changed on each successive day.

Wallpaper with broken screen

Wallpaper with broken screen - Appspodcast

This cool broken phone screen prank app provides you with the premium quality HD and 4k broken phone screen wallpapers. Use them either on the screen or as screen lock. The extensive variety of wallpapers satisfies all tastes and whims. The content and images of all the wallpapers of this broken phone screen prank are legal and are supportive for multiple Android devices.

The above collection ofTop Broken Screen Prank Apps for Android contains a variety of screen cracking apps and each one of them is loaded with several features to allure the users. You will have live wallpapers, customization features, real lightning effects and other similar innovative options. Using them will provide with the best opportunity to enjoy with friends and have a lot of fun.


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