Top clean cache apps to boost up your android device

Top clean cache apps for android - Appspodcast

The clean cache apps for Android are the need of every device to delete the unwanted content that jams the cache of your device and grabs space of its memory. On this page you have a select collection of those must-have apps that can help you with optimizing and managing files, clean up the junk and master the storage space of your device.

These apps also come with Antivirus programs that help you detect and remove viruses and save the device from any potential security or privacy risk. The app lock feature on these apps boosts the power of your device’s battery and allows you to prolong work or entertainment time. Have a glance on these smart apps and spot which one is the best for you!

Top clean cache apps

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone

Files by Google Clean up space on your phone - Appspodcast

Files by Google App is a great option to clean up cache and get maximum speed, It provides with maximum space to store more files in your device memory. The app also helps you manage files, share them with friends offline. This app also allows you to create back up files to the cloud and get more free space on your device. There are many adorable tools on this app such as instantly know storage, locate files easily, manage files and share encrypted files.

Nox Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Cache Cleaner

Nox Cleaner - Booster, Optimizer, Cache Cleaner - Appspodcast

This app comes with state of the art tools to clean the cache and boost your device’s speed and performance. You have multiple features to clear your device of the junk,spam and other unwanted stuff. On Nox Cleaner, you have also a powerful antivirus system which has three attractive features that allow you to scan and remove viruses and keep the device bet protected from all types of malware invasions. Next to these features, Nox Cleaner also gives you options like Notification Blocker, Game Booster and Battery Saver.

Avast Cleanup – Booster, Storage & Memory Cleaner

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer - Appspodcast

This unique app is designed for those who want exclusive tools to perform cleaning of their devices from junk. This app allows you optimize and manage preinstalled apps, stop or uninstall apps running in the background. You can delete bloatware with a single click; get rid of heavy files that cover maximum space of your device’s memory. With its extremely useful advance features, Avast will prove the smart and safe cleaner to master the cleaning operation and add speed to your Android device.

CLEANit – Boost,Optimize,Small

CLEANit - Boost,Optimize,Small - Appspodcast

CLEANit comes in  reliable clean cache apps and adds extraordinary speed to your Android device. It performs an efficient cleaning process, keeps you informed the status of your device’s memory by optimizing its RAM. It is also helpful for blocking irrelevant and unwanted apps in the background and allows the device to operate more efficiently. With these wonderful features, CLEANit stops the battery drain and also solves insufficient space problem.

Phone Master –Junk cleaner master, Battery Cooler

Phone Master –Junk cleaner master, Battery Cooler - Appspodcast

If you have Phone Master on your Android device, you save it from so many problems such as low space, excessive battery usage, privacy vulnerability and top of all slow speed. It comes with multiple advance features like Applocker, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner, Speed Booster, CPU cooler and Battery Saver. Each of these features has its own utility to support your device to perform fast and uninterrupted. Its antivirus comes with powerful cleaning engine that keeps the cache clear of all malicious malware invasions.

Ace Cleaner (Boost Speed Free)

Ace Cleaner (Boost Speed Free) - Appspodcast

Ace Cleaner is designed to deliver to your Android device optimum speed and performance. This app is capable of cleaning all sorts of cache junk, memory(RAM) junk and APK files that delay the speed of your device. Ace Cleaner also blocks all annoying notifications and also stubborn apps that occupy memory space and consume battery. You have also the options of managing apps and get rid of duplicate files.

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager - Appspodcast

This app is designed for Android Nougat 7.0 and Android Lollipop 5.1.1. It comes with so many advance level features to ensure a speedy and perfect cleanup of junk from your device. Once installed, it frees you from the tension of cleaning memory and enhancing device’s speed. To save battery power, it efficiently kills apps to stop GPS, deletes unwanted widgets and all those programs and files that slower your system.

AMC Security – Clean & Boost & Antivirus

AMC Security - Clean & Boost & Antivirus - Appspodcast

AMC Security offers you multiple advance tools to ensure perfect cache cleanup and the best care and security of your device and increase its battery timing. It is designed to ensure speedy phone and tablet performance! It showcases Bitdefender security engine which is the world’s leading security engine and can provide your device with the best security shield. AMC Security comes in 38 world languages to make it easier to be used by people of multiple regions.

System app remover (root needed)

System app remover (root needed) - Appspodcast

System app remover is useful app for your device in many ways. It helps you removing unwanted apps, save images, videos and APK files to you SD card and get free space on device’s memory. It needs only a few clicks to filter out all apps that are irritating you and stubborn to be deleted. Thus System App remover is a smart choice to sort out your data, get rid of the unnecessary files and speed up your device.

Clear Cache – Optimize & Clear Junk

Clear Cache - Optimize & Clear Junk - Appspodcast

Clear Cache is another wonderful app to optimize apps and get your device’s cache clear, enhance its speed and save battery. There is lot more for you to explore on this app. You can manage files, empty folders from junk and delete duplicate stuff that makes our device slow.

If you have any of these clean cache apps installed on your device, it means your device is protected from malware and fake apps invasion and you are enjoying the best possible speed. A great majority of people is already using them and it is the best evidence on the effectiveness of these apps.

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