Top family tracking apps for android

Top family tracking apps for android - Appspodcast

Your daily engagements may not allow you to move personally with your family members. But with the help of the following apps you can stay connected with all your dear ones. This amazing bunch of location finder apps makes lots of things easier for you. You can have all the information of their locations and movements.

These apps also provide you a complete history where they were a few hours before and where they are presently. They are especially helpful for parents whose kids are quite young. Another advantage of these family tracking apps is to find out your devices if you have misplaced them somewhere.

Top family tracking apps for android

Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Life360 Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety - Appspodcast

Life360 keeps you in touch with people who matter you the most. It makes it easier for you to know their exact locations and contact them without any hassle. This app allows you to create private groups with your family members called “Circles,” for knowing their whereabouts and sharing with them multiple details. Other than family members, the app allows you to generate exclusive groups of your friends and co-workers and know theirreal-time locations. The app also gives you alerts when the people added in your “circle” move about.Life360 is also helpful for locating your stolen or lost phone watch or tablet.

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device - Appspodcast

This Google app is a must-have for all Android devices. It saves you from losing your phone. You not only locate it but also lock it until you take it back in your possession. Losing phone tablet or watch is most common in airports, shopping malls or other large buildings. If you have this wonderful app, you can trace them instantly, finding out its exact location or at least its last location if the current location is not being displayed. The app uses its indoor maps to navigate your device and thus saves your from losing it.

Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number - Appspodcast

This GPS tracker is amazingly helpful to find out the exact location of kids by their cell numbers. This app allows you to add as many numbers for tracking location, as you like. It provides you accurate and quick results. You can also track location history and find out where your kids were moving about. You also get notification of the kids’ movements. The best part of this app is that it comes free. This app is also helpful for finding your own phone if it is lost or misplaced.

Google Family Link for parents

Google Family Link for parents - Appspodcast

Parents love to be in touch with their kids whether they are children are adolescents. Google Family Link makes it possible for you to be linked not only with your kids but also with other family members. If you opt for this amazing app, you don’t need to be worried when they are away from home. If your kids are below age of 13, you can have parental control and can guide kids even from your remote location. You can also create Google Account for your kid and keep an eye on their app activity and screen time.

Find My Friends, Family, Kids – Location Tracker

Find My Friends, Family, Kids - Location Tracker - appspodcast

This smart app is tremendously useful to find out friends and know their exact locations. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS phone and get in touch with all your near and dear ones. It makes it easier to know also the everyday activities of your friends where are moving about, how closer they are or where they are dinning or dancing. It is a user-friendly app and displays a map on your phone screen, showing your friends’ location. You can send them immediate messages, share news, directions etc.

Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location

Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location - Appspodcast

Mobile Number Locator is another fine option for you to find out caller location with the help of phone number. You don’t need the internet connection to see locations which are displayed on map on the screen. This app is operational in 122 countries of the world. The other useful features of this app include call blocking, find out area code and check history of phone calls.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone - Appspodcast

Many people lose their precious iPhone, or Android phones on crowded places. They are either stolen or misplaced. Losing an expensive device causes you much tension. Find My Phone is an intuitively designed GPS tracking app that saves you from losing your phone. This app keeps you updated about the location of your device and it is moved from its place, you get an instant alert with real time location updates. The app also provides you the location history.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker - Appspodcast

This unique app brings you another option to secure your phone from theft or misplacement. It is quite easy to use and is loaded with the latest GPS technology features. It provides you accurate and instant information and is extremely helpful in tracing the device. The results are displayed on map and you have all the updates of your device.

Find My Kids: Child GPS watch app & Phone Tracker

Find My Kids Child Cell Phone Location Tracker - Appspodcast

This family GPS tracker is helpful for knowing the location of your kids as well as tracing your lost devices. It is designed especially for parents to ensure the security of their kids and know their exact locations. This app also helps you listen sound around your kids and know what is happening around them when they are not responding your calls.

Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse - Share GPS location - Appspodcast

This GPS tracking allows you to be in touch with your family member knowing their real-time locations and sharing your own with them. It ensures you fast and reliable results with just a few clicks. You can create groups of your friends or co-workers on Glympse and be in touch with them all the time.

These family tracking apps for android are carefully selected ensemble to help you to be in touch with your loved ones. Family tracking apps give you fast and reliable results and let you know the locations and movements of your friends and family members through notifications.

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