Top Free paraphrasing tools for Android & iOS

Top Free paraphrasing tools for Android & iOS 2021 - Appspodcast

Writing is always a challenging task. Creating clear, precise, meaningful and original text is not less than a herculean task. You need extensive vocabulary, expressions, and a comprehensive grasp on grammar to scribe a flawless piece of writing. Usually people take help from the internet and books to write on a topic but in most of these situations, their originality is compromised.

The best solution comes from paraphrasing an original text, use synonyms and find alternative expressions to develop your own text. In this modern era, people have addicted to take help from world of internet to perform quality level work.

Free paraphrasing tools for Android & iOS

Paraphrasing tool actually generate text based on your provided text to regenerate the original or actual text. The following set of paraphrasing tools for Android and iOS can help you in this regard to change the text.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool - Appspodcast

This innovative app brings you simple yet outstanding paraphrasing options to re-create a text. Its interface is rich with options that are extremely helpful for creating your own original and expressive text, shorn of all grammatical errors. The most amazing part is that it takes no time to provide results. The original text is also expanded in length when paraphrased. This application is equally useful for students and teachers and can help them in doing their academic assignments.

Paraphraser: Reword your text

Paraphraser Reword your text - Appspodcast

This application is another great option for creating a text that is totally free of plagiarism and appear original.Its tools also offer you help in grammatical correction and make your writing readable and impressive. This app can also help you check plagiarism using a number of reliable and professional resources. In addition to this, you can save your writing in your desired format. There is no limit of re-writing. You can change as many texts as you like.

Article Rewriter and Spinner Tool

Article Rewriter and Spinner Tool - Appspodcast

The caption of this application is expressive of its function and utility. Downloading this app, you can rewrite any article and make it entirely new. It becomes unrecognizable from its previous wording and style. This app also provides you options to change words offering a range of options. Similarly, there are phrases and idioms to give your text an attractive. There are also options to change the font and their size. This app is so comprehensive that having this you need not to hire a writer.

NLP Paraphraser

NLP Paraphraser - Appspodcast

NLP Paraphrase functions like an interpreter application by displaying two boxes on the screen on your device. One of the boxes contains the original text whereas in the second box the paraphrased text is displayed. This format of paraphrasing clearly displays the replacement and helps you learn a lot to express yourself. This application amends the text wherever it is necessary and deletes repeated words and phrases. All this process is done within a few seconds and you get a completely new text.

ProWriting: Grammar, Style & Spell Checker

Proofreader Grammar, Style & Spell Checker - Appspodcast

This intelligent app comes with a promise to improve the quality of your writing, offering a variety of options to polish sentences and your expression. This app is also helpful for enhancing your writing skills as it makes you clear about the changes it makes. Thus you learn also a lot while getting your writing clear of mistakes. ProWriting helps you with correcting your spellings, grammar as well as punctuation. There is a range of synonyms and phrases for you to use them as alternatives and make your writing more readable and expressive.

Synonyms and similar words for paraphrasing by Bui Hoai Trang

Synonyms and similar words for paraphrasin‪g - Appspodcast

With this app, you can have a further range of synonyms to impart genuineness to your writing. It is helpful both for creating a new piece of writing and change an already written text and make it new. The wide synonym range of this app will enable you to use a text without the least chance of plagiarism. The best part is that this app introduces you a whole of range of phrases and sentences related to a word. It will help you take options easily.

Dictionary of Paraphrases by Lan Huong

Dictionary of Paraphrase‪s - Appspodcast

Dictionary of Paraphrases requires no internet connection and you can easily run it offline and re-write texts. It provides you access to extensive range of similar words to be used in the text and create an original stuff with no trace of plagiarism. This application provides not only synonyms but their meaning too. While paraphrasing a text, you can learn many new words and their usage.

English Synonyms in Context by Thong Tran

English Synonyms In Contex‪t - Appspodcast

If you learning to write or already a skilled writer, this app is a must-have in both the situations. With its huge collection of synonyms, it can help you in writing on a variety of topics and use expressive and appealing words for your audience. Writing on scientific topics that requires vocabulary of a particular subject is not a problem, if you are having this app on your Android or iOS device. Just click any word in the text and this app will show maximum range of synonyms of that word to select from. Replace any word you like.

Synonym Finder – Dictionary of Synonym

Synonym Finder - Dictionary of Synony‪m - Appspodcast

This application is supportive to change a text entirely by using synonyms. You can download this application and use whenever you like without needing an internet connection. The massive range of synonyms available on the app can help you change every word in the text and make it entirely new. Synonym Finder is equipped with 17,000 entries and all words are catalogued into alphabetical order which makes it easier to search for synonyms of a particular word.

English Synonyms Explained

English Synonyms Explaine‪d - Appspodcast

Without having a grasp on synonyms, it is difficult to produce an appealing piece of writing. Without the use of synonyms, you will have repetition which mars the beauty of writing. This special app finds its place in this collection for this particular reason. Using this app, you can enrich writing with a variety of words and phrases and make it entirely new. The diversity of wording is the proof of your grasp on language. Using this fine app you can create all these beauties in your writing.

The above collection of paraphrasing tools for Android and iOS intelligent apps will help you create a high percentage of originality in your writing. They are enormously helpful for rewording a text, improve it grammatically and use alternative expressions instantly. These apps are also helpful for saving money you will spend on taking services of a copywriter for writing for you.

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