Top Gear S3 Apps for Android

Top Gear S3 Apps for Android - AppspodcastThe Gear S3 Apps for Android apps connect your Smartwatch with your phone seamlessly and enable you to enjoy lots of your phone features. Each app comes with its exclusive functions but they have several common features as well such as install or uninstall applications, restart phone, and receive files and notifications, Google navigation, operate your phone camera from distance and many similar functions.These applications establish a bridge between your phone and your Smartwatch and also expand your options to use Smartwatch providing you maximum convenience!

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) - AppspodcastThis is an innovative and futuristic app by Samsung that attaches your wearable devices with your Android phone. It also enables you to manage applications on wearables from your phone. It also allows you to turn off or on wearables, receive software updates and notifications, download applications and set clock. This app is also supportive to locate your wearable, if it is lost. To enjoy these features, you have simply to download Galaxy Wearable and link it with your wearable via Bluetooth.

Gear S Plugin

Gear S Plugin - AppspodcastThis Samsung Gear S3 Application comes with multiple impressive features. You can locate nearby devices, download and receive files, updates and notifications and install plug-in apps. It is also supportive to receive and share data with Gear. You can also manage and monitor contacts, calendar, SMS and call logs with the help of this fantastic app. To run all its features, go to Android Settings and get permission from Samsung Gear Manager.

Wearable Widgets

Wearable Widgets - AppspodcastWearable Widgets gives you access to thousands of widgets designed for Android. This is a free app but to access more advance level widgets, you need to purchase a small in-app. You can view and operate all widgets on your phone Android from your Smartwatch, installing this app on both phone and watch. Keeping view the limitations of Smartwatch, some widgets may not be functional as they are phone screen but most of them work wonderfully.

Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch

Navigation Pro Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch - AppspodcastThis app is compatible to all Galaxy Watch models. You can see Google Maps and Navigation instructionson your wearable and receive vibration, voiceand notifications. You can also restart your phone from your Smartwatch.This app is also helpful for uninstalling apps on your watch from phone. To run this app, you need also to download its companion “navigation app” from Google Play.

Camera Remote: Wear OS, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 App

Camera Remote Wear OS, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 App - AppspodcastWith this fantastic app you have full control of your phone camera from your Samsung Watch or Android Wear OS Smart Watch. It turns your phone into a remote control camera. It helps you to operate phone camera from your watch and take photos and make videos. With its viewfinder feature, you can see what your phone camera is watching.You need only to connect your Smartwatch with your phone viaBluetooth and enjoy the best Gear S3 features. Though this app doesn’t come with lots of features yet they are user-friendly and smart.

Manager Watch Face

Manager Watch Face - appspodcastThe fully digital watch face of this smart app enables your Smartwatch to help you organize your work more efficiently and save time. You have all the time access to your phone from your watch. You have detailed weather updates, date, time, alarm, battery status and notifications. The premium features of this app also provide you step counter, calories and lots of other advance level features. From your watch you can log in and out Manager and update it. From your phone you can install or uninstall this app and access your Google Fit account.

Animated watch faces

Animated watch faces - AppspodcastThe Animated Watch Faces is designed for Samsung Galaxy Gear Live, LG G Watch, Asus Zenwatch, Sony Smartwatch 3, Motorola Moto 360 and LG R watch. It is helpful; to receive weather updates on your watch, date, time and battery status of your Android phone and many other similar features. It takes no time get installed. IT comes with 15 themes in total. There are only four faces free and for the rest you need to subscribe.

1000+ Watch Faces

1000+ Watch Faces - AppspodcastThis especially designed app for Android watches provides you a huge collection of beautiful watch faces that change every hour automatically on your watch. You have also the option of customizing the watch faces and dial color. It also gives you option to set time on Analog or Digital dials.This app seamlessly synchronizes with your watch and allows you to access multiple features of your Android phone with a single touch.

Countdown – Watch Face for Wear OS by Google

Countdown - Watch Face for Wear OS by Google - AppspodcastThis is truly a futuristic  app among Gear S3 Apps, that imparts a sci-fi look to your watch. Its enticing features include countdown time in different options such as in minutes, hours and days, color setting and vibration tones. It makes easier to navigate applications on your smartphone, receive the weather forecast and know details of your phone battery consumption. You can customize text and add emojis. This app also allows you to select a variety of date and time formats on your watch. Countdown is compatible with Android and Wear OS by Google.

Futuristic GUI Watch Face

Futuristic GUI Watch Face - AppspodcastThis fantastic app provides you options to select colors, indicators, ambient modes, weather forecast etc. Choose 12 / 24 hours’ time mode and the size of the clock and also set Europeans or the US time and date and watch battery status. This app is also helpful for your physical workouts by counting steps and giving you information on heartbeat frequency. Having Futuristic GUI Watch Face, you can read SMS, check missed calls and know the current status of your email inbox.

The above Gear S3 Apps  are carefully selected applications that enhance the utility of your watch and synchronize it with your Android phone and tablet. They are capable of providing you urgent and much needed information just with a single click without accessing your smartphone.

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