Top Safe ROM Download Websites

Computer games are probably the best pastimes for a great majority of people. For their immense popularity, game developers have introduced so many gaming consoles to ease the players since their inception on consoles Sega, Dendi etc. Currently, consoles such as PlayStation and Sony are in fashion but there many other options in the offing like Safe ROM Download Websites.

However, despite all the latest innovation in gaming industry, there are people who love to play games that they used to play in their childhood. But it is difficult to search out updated console with emerging technology and with smooth game play without any disturbance.

Top Safe ROM Download Websites

We’ve brought here for a collection of best Safe ROM Download Websites that have amazing options in your favorite old games that you can hardly find in the market. You can install it easily and can play by using emulators.


Gamulator allows you to download a ROM with a variety of past games, emulators that liberates from the hassle of searching for individual games by yourself. Getting on this websites means you have all your favorite games in access with a single click. This website claims to have all the stuff in old games that were ever released. Along with retro games and emulators, you have also a number of reviews, blogs and articles to read about games and share experience of people of your taste.


Retrostic takes you to your dreamland of childhood. Remember which game enticed you the most and you have an instant access to it on this website. Retrostic has even those old and forgotten games like archery ,  which any other website hardly contains. The most appealing feature of this website is its free games that may require payment on other websites. The quality of the video content is excellent and you enjoy the real fun time playing on the console.


Being an impressive archive of ROM games, DopeROMs introduces an extensive range of emulators. The website also contains those exclusive retro games that were available only on cartridges. The major plus of games on this site is their availability in different languages that make it easier for a worldwide community of players to enjoy ROM games here. No matter if the game was released in Japanese or French language, the website provides you the option to play it in your language.

Vimm’s Lair

If you miss a particular game of the past that reminds you your childhood days, Vimm’s Lair is the best place for you. It is loaded with multiple directories and libraries that can easily help you find out your beloved game. To know further games, you have customer reviews to try a few. All the games have full regalia of their original interfaces and colorful hand-made scans. However, there is a drawback too. You can find here only those games of the past that were released in America and only a few from Japan. Even with this limitation, there is a lot to explore for you.

The Eye

The Eye is packed with smart features and a special pack of facilities for you. You can not only download a number of gaming ROMs but also enjoy a space for storage of your data. On its huge database, you can find even those games that are rarely found anywhere on the internet and even forgotten by their developers long ago. This website is a special for those who get vexed on pop-ups and ads. If the site impresses you, you can contribute a small amount as the website is run on donations only.


RomUlation operates in an entirely different way than the other ROM games. When you get registered on this website, it gives you 10,000 points that you can use to download your favorite games. Each games of this website require different points from it download prerequisite. Once you spend all your points, you have to upload games to earn new points. If you fulfill certain requirements, this website awards you regular participant status. With this title, you receive 500 points each day for new downloads.


WoWroMs is dedicated to serve your gaming interest without considering its own profits and benefits. It is probably the only website that is purely curated to entertain your ROM games interest. This website comes from a team of developers who have devoted their energies and times to collect and preserve the most inspiring games of the past. By launching this unique website, they obviously did a great job for the community of retro-games lovers.


WoWroMs is not only a hub of interesting ROM games, emulators and other related stuff but also a library where the players can also upload games from their own collections. You will here a huge collection of games shared by the visitors of this websites. Download whatever games you like. The fun is unlimited, however, the developers of this NicoBlog prohibits the users not to distribute the downloaded games further. NicoBlog has also an alternative site to download especially retro-ROM games.

Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler has many adorable features to satisfy your love of games. Though its developers haven’t spent much time in giving it a stunning look, however, this website is unmatched in its functionality. Rom Hustler allows you to download ROM through keywords and get to your favorite game instantly. Rom Hustler is especially unique for providing you a safe and secured gaming experience from all sorts of malware and viruses attacks.


The last on this collection is CoolROM, a significant addition to your favorite gaming sites. It will certainly inspire you by its impressive functionality. It is also one of those resources that contain a massive range of games to cater to a variety of whims and preferences. Explore emulators and game images and find out what you always missed, it is present here with all its glamour. CoolROM provides you all necessary information about a game including ratings and its reviews to help you decide about it.

The most amazing benefit of this Safe ROM Download Websites are that it saves your precious time in searching for ROM with your favorite games. This ensemble brings you the best websites on the internet, carefully selected by a team of experts. It contains only those websites that contain the most sought-after games of the past. Click the site that has your inspiring game and enjoy a great fun time.

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