Top Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

Top Screen Mirroring Apps for Android - appspodcastYour Android phone may have lots of amazing images, audio and video files but watching all this stuff on a phone screen is not as exciting as it appears on a bigger display. Perhaps this is the reason of developing the mirroring apps that help you cast your phone screen on TV, computer and other display adapters. This collection introduces you to the top screen mirroring apps for Android and provides you the opportunity to work and enjoy unlimited fun on a larger display.


Mirror - appspodcastThis unique app is extremely supportive to capture your own look and embellish the image using multiple options that this app allows you. Add 3D effects to your image and try different angles to create a fantastic image. The Compare mode allows you to put two images side by side to make a comparison while you can adjust light with single touch and see the images, amplifying them on screen with On-screen zoom feature. The results of superb quality are more impressive than many cameras. You can develop our own image diary that keeps the record of all your high moments and share them with friends on social media.

Screen Stream Mirroring

Screen Stream Mirroring - Appspodcast It is another intelligent app for mirroring and broadcasting your screen with other Android devices attached with the same network. It is compatible with several apps such as media player, web browser, Chromecast and Smart TV etc. It makes it enormously easier for you to go live on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and Ustream. This app is also helpful for developing presentations to be used for multiple academic, work and entertainment purposes. Screen Stream is a free app and has a lot more for you to explore.

Cast to TV – Chromecast, Roku, stream phone to TV

Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, stream phone to TV - appspodcastCast to TV is designed to provide you the opportunity to castimages and videos on TV and many other DLNA devices like Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Xbox and Apple TV.The interface of this app contains all video displaying options; pause, volume, forward/rewind, previous/next etc. You can easily stream TV from your phone and for that you just need to make sure that your phone and TV are linked on the same WiFi network.

Screen Mirroring, Cast Phone To TV – Castto

Screen Mirroring, Cast To TV - Castto - appspodcastScreen mirroring allows you to mirror your smartphone screen on TV and enjoy a larger display of all the content in your Android phone or SD Card. The screen of your phone is certainly not enough to watch music, movies and videos of special occasion, captured by you. Screen mirroring It makes your trip videos and images in life size display. It will also be more entertaining and exiting experience to play games on big screen.

Screen Mirroring with TV: Play Video on TV

Screen Mirroring with TV Play Video on TV - appspodcastThis is another gorgeous application that helps you watch your android phone or tab’s content on the bigger screen of your TV. Watch any video from your phone’s memory for entertainment or to display work and academic presentations from your phone to Smart TV screen to be visualized by many people easily. The app comes with a fully loaded interface that allows you adjust resolution and density for better video results. For this app, you need to download the supporting apps such as Screen Mirroring Video Player and screen mirroring assistant app for better and enhanced results.

Mobizen Mirroring

Mobizen Mirroring - appspodcastWith Mobizen, you can connect your Smart TV with your Android phone effortlessly and enjoy the wonderful results of bigger screen. This app is useful in many ways. You can watch documents, images and videos with the high definition resolution of TV screen, develop and display work assignments and presentations, save screenshots in your computer etc. Mobizen is also supportive to enjoy music and movies as well as play games.

EZCast – Cast Media to TV

EZCast – Cast Media to TV - appspodcastEZCast comes with multiple unique options of connecting, sharing, relaying, net surfing and watching videos, images or enjoying music. This app features an easy to operate interface which makes mirroring and broadcasting easier than you can even imagine. Connect TV and Computer linked with the same WiFi network for mirroring. The app also allows you to browse the internet on Smart TV screen, play and replay video easily. You can also share images and videos with friends and family.


ApowerMirror - Screen Mirroring for PC TV Phone - appspodcastMirror your Android device display on TV, computer and other display adapters through wireless network and enjoy a veritable theatre experience whenever and wherever you like. Just make sure your display adapters support Wireless Display / Miracast and you also need to put the connected devices on the same network. This app is especially compatible with Samsung, HTC, Sony phone and Smart TV.

Video & TV Cast | LG Smart TV – HD Video Streaming

Video TV Cast LG Smart TV - HD Video Streaming - appspodcastOpting for this fine Video & TV Castapp brings you the opportunity of enjoying videos and movies directly from the internet on your TV screen. If you have an uninterrupted WiFi connection, you can get a real fun of the big screen with full HD quality results. You don’t need any supporting app or device to run this app. This is a multi-tasking app which allows you texting and attending calls too along with video streaming on TV.

Screen Mirroring Assistant

Screen Mirroring Assistant - appspodcastScreen Mirror is another great mirroring app for big screen lovers to watch their favorite videos clips and movies on Smart TV and Miracast dongles. To launch this app, you need only to click on “start mirroring” and select the device on which you want to cast your mobile screen. This wonderful app adjusts the rest and starts streaming instantly. There is no limitation to media files and their formats on this app. Its advance features can play all types of images, audio and videos.

The most impressive part of the above collection is that all these mirroring apps provide you excellent results. This the reason that they are tremendously popular with Android device users and have millions of downloads. You’ll certainly enjoy the big screen experience mirroring your phone screen on Smart TV, PC and other display adapters.

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