Top Security Camera Apps for Android

Top Security Camera Apps for Android - Appspodcast

Security has been the important thing in the past and to date, whether you are in office, factory, or home. Everybody wants to watch what is happening in his or her absence. It is not a strange thing to install security cameras in your home, street, or at your work.

Security camera apps have been becoming cheaper, smarter, and easier with time to time. Now, you don’t need to buy expensive cameras, just have to install security camera app to your android or smart phone. Thus, you enjoy the benefits of security cameras easily.

Check here Top Security Camera Apps for Android 2021

There are many security camera apps to install on your android devices. Some security camera manufactures companies have their own dedicated app to install. However we have choose Top security camera apps that can useful with almost every security camera.

Alfred Video Home Surveillance Camera/Baby Monitor

Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV - Appspodcast

Alfred video home surveillance camera/ baby monitor is a great and free app. This app has the best surveillance camera that you have been looking for. This is a free, stable, reliable, and super easy to set up anytime anywhere you want because it is genuinely made for the Smartphone. It is a simple security that is quite easy to watch when you are not available. This app has 24/7 live streaming, smart intruder alert,unlimited cloud storage, low-light filter, walkie-talkie, all other standard features. These features make this app great.

YI Home

YI Home - Appspodcast

YI Home is a new and the best camera app that connects you with your family anytime or anywhere. It gives you real time video just by a single click. The YI Home camera has high resolution result keep watching the things you want to watch.It has the capacity to store both video and audio and supports up to 32 GB SD card. It automatically adjusts the quality of the view just with a single click. Try it today!

TinyCam Monitor FREE – IP Camera Viewer

tinyCam Monitor FREE - IP camera viewer - Appspodcast

This is the ever best app for recording videos privately or publically. Try tinyCam monitor free app to enjoy for surveillance and control digital videos just on your finger-tips. This is a free edition and good due H.264, MPEG4/H264/H265 and RTSP protocol. This device supports Chinese cameras and also has support for w/20 characters UID. It has 2 way audio e.g. talking and listening and controls the PTZ enabled devices. It contains many other basic as well as upgraded to tinyCam Monitor PRO to unlock, no adsn24/7 MP4 video recording, video player, time-lapse recording, face detection, etc.


Arlo - Appspodcast

Arlo are the best security cameras around the world and they are loving security home cameras. They are convenience, flexible, weatherproof 4K UHD, and wireless cameras. It is designed expertly simple to protect and connect. However, it is so easy to arm and disarm to the system and you can play recorded clips easily. Moreover, you don’t require to unlock your for taking action to any alert.

Speed Camera Radar

Speed Camera Radar - Appspodcast

Speed Camera Radar is such a great app that is not required internet to detect hazards. This latest version is available around the world and supports smart-watches on android wearOS. Speed Camera Radar’s new version also supports all the countries. For getting started, after installing the app go to the menu Updates data based and then press the start button in order to run hazard mode. It makes you call main setting and swipe left edge of the screen to the right. You need to sign in for editing and removing current POI.

YCC365 Plus

YCC365 Plus -Appspodcast

YCC365 Plus is the smartest mobile app and so an easy one that can be controlled easily. The camera of home monitoring is simple and saves your money by setting up with your mobile. Whenever your camera finds some motion or movement, it pushes notifications to you. Therefore, you can see your live video feed from anywhere. To have such app install this today after that log into the app and watch the camera view on your mobile or tablet.

Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse Old Phones

Home Security Camera WardenCam - reuse old phones - Appspodcast

Give a chance to Home Security Camera WardebCam, you will forget other apps like this. It works really great and turns your old mobile cameras into security cameras. In this way, you can watch the place where you have adjusted the camera in your absence. It captures the motion by recording it and helps you watch later. You can see who is at the door, help check your loved ones, and watch on your pets.

IP Cam Viewer Lite

IP Cam Viewer Lite - Appspodcast

IP Cam Viewer Lite is the app that was awarded as the best software in utilities category for 2011. It controls IP cameras, digital video recorder, network recorder, and webcam.It contains the following 1600+ devices supported including NVRs and DVRs, has broad protocol support RTSP/ONVIF/MMSH, etc. It controls PTZ and the functions of the other devices, SD card supported and even export/import email or dropbox. Ability to scan camera automatically, has home screen and lock screen widgets, supports all mobile devices.

AtHome Camera – phone as Remote Monitor

AtHome Camera - phone as remote monitor - Appspodcast

If you want to keep an eye on your place or family, children, and pets then AtHome Camera-Phone will be the best app. Itis a free app and proved a great security at the time you need to fun or spy. It also notifies you with an animated GIF image and it is the alternate to the expensive cameras or CCTV system. However, it just can turn your old phone, computer or top box as security cameras. It has many other features like no false alarming, remote monitoring on the go, enhances night vision, two way talk, multi-view display, etc.

Athome Video Streamer-turn Phone into IP Camera

AtHome Video Streamer-turn phone into IP camera - Appspodcast

Athome Video Streamer-turn Phone into IP Camera is a wonderful app. it pushes notification with GIF images finding human movement. Its video streaming is of high resolution with accurate detection. This app has the ability to turn about 30 million devices into detecting guard cameras and no more false alarming. This gives remote monitoring when you are away and has an enhanced clear night view. It communicates with people and pets with help of built in mic and speaker, this app gives a highly secured cloud service.

Security camera apps are the most usable as well as beneficial because their primary focus is to look for better ways. Therefore, it makes you able to protect your family and home. There are such apps that can turn your old smartphone into a security camera. You have read above about the different apps, which is collected by Apps podcast Team on the based of feature and reviews  so, they are the great ones available to select.

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